Street Rat Conclave

Subclass of: Ranger

Rangers of the Street Rat conclave meld the art of survival with the pulsing life of the city, becoming masters of the urban jungle. Far from the wilderness their kin may roam, Street Rats find their calling amidst the labyrinthine alleys and towering structures of civilization's heart. Living by codes that blur moral lines, such as "steal from the rich to give to the poor," these rangers thrive in the gray areas of society, leveraging their unique skills to navigate, protect, or exploit the metropolitan landscape. Their arsenal includes spells like darkness and pass without a trace, enhancing their stealth and subterfuge, while their bond with a rat companion underscores their connection to the city's unseen corners. Street Rats are adept at using the crowd as camouflage, proficient with modern weaponry, and possess an innate ability to communicate with their rat allies and other rodents. Their combat prowess is heightened when fighting from above, granting them the upper hand in the vertical terrain of urban environments. Over time, their bond with their rat companion deepens, granting mutual benefits such as keen smell and darkvision, and allowing for innovative magical tactics like casting spells through their ally. Embodying the spirit of adaptability and cunning, the Street Rat ranger is a formidable guardian or adversary within the stone and steel wilds of the city. 

Many that choose the life of the ranger prefer its free spirited lifestyle, surviving in the wilderness, traversing underground depths, or journeying through countless planes of existence. Some rangers instead choose a different path, favoring the hustle and bustle of city life. Street rats are as familiar with the shady back alleys and the seedy underbellies of the city as they are with the frivolous galas and receptions of aristocrats and nobles. Usually living morally ambiguous lives, operating off mantras such as “steal from the rich to give to the poor”, or “all for one, one for all” these rangers live in the gray as much as they live in the shadows.

Expanded Spell List

3rd-level Street Rat feature

You learn an additional spell when you reach certain levels in this class, as shown in the Street Rat Extended Spells table. Each spell counts as a ranger spell for you, but it doesn't count against the number of ranger spells you know

3rd darkness
5th pass without a trace
9th sending
13th greater invisibility
17th mislead

Lost in a Crowd

3rd-level Street Rat feature

You are an expert in hiding in plain sight in crowded places. On your turn, you can take the Hide action as a bonus action when you are adjacent to two or more creatures, ducking behind or between them to hide.

Modern Weapons

3rd-level Street Rat feature

You have proficiency with firearms and explosives.

Shared Speech

3rd-level Street Rat feature

You and your rat ally are able to communicate in various squeaks and body movements that only you, your ally, and other rats can understand. In addition, you can communicate with all rats as if you shared a language.

Urban Ally

3rd-level Street Rat feature

When you choose this conclave, you form a bond with a rat and it becomes your companion.

Add your proficiency bonus to the rat’s AC, attack rolls, and damage rolls, as well as to any saving throws and skills it is proficient in. Its hit point maximum equals its normal maximum or four times your ranger level, whichever is higher. Like any creature, the ally can spend Hit Dice during a short rest.

The urban ally takes its turn on your initiative, and obeys any verbal commands that you issue to it. You can issue a command as a bonus action. If you don't issue any commands to the ally, it defends itself from hostile creatures but otherwise takes no actions.

If you are incapacitated or absent, the urban ally acts on its own, focusing on protecting you and itself. The ally never requires your command to use its reaction, such as when making an opportunity attack.

You can end the bond between your urban ally and yourself as an action, releasing it back into the streets. In the event an urban ally dies, you must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw or gain 3 levels of exhaustion. The DC for this saving throw is 8 + your ranger level + your proficiency bonus. When you are without an urban ally, you can spend 8 hours meditating over another rat, as your spirits link together and form a new bond.

High Ground

7th-level Street Rat feature

Your time running and surviving on the streets and rooftops of the city has made you grow accustomed to the higher terrain. In combat, as long as you are at least 5 feet above a target, you have advantage on attack rolls against it.

Urban Explorer

7th-level Street Rat feature

You gain an additional favored terrain. While you are in an urban or city region you gain the same benefits that your first favored terrain granted you. In addition, while tracking a creature in an urban area or city you have advantage on Wisdom (Perception) and Wisdom (Survival) checks to track the creature.

Animal Companionship

11th-level Street Rat feature

Through your travels and adventures, you and your rat ally have become inseparable. Your bond affords you with the following:

Passed Spell

15th-level Street Rat feature

You have learned to use your magical prowess and bond with your rat ally symbiotically. While within 500 feet of your urban ally you gain the following benefits: