Dragon Pantheon

About the Dragon Gods

In the dragon pantheon, divinity soars on mighty wings and breathes life into every facet of draconic existence. These deities embody the elements, presiding over the varied breath weapons that dragons wield—fire, ice, acid, lightning, and poison are but whispers of their power. Each deity represents an aspect of draconic life: the unyielding strength of scales, the deep wisdom of ancient wyrms, the ferocity of the hunt, the hoarding of treasures vast and mystical, and the intrinsic magic that courses through dragonkind.

Their domains encompass the spectrum of dragon behavior, from the fiercely territorial to the sagely isolated, from the bestial to the divine intellect that challenges the gods themselves. The pantheon commands reverence and offers patronage to dragons and dragonkin, ensuring that the roar of the draconic deities echoes across planes and through time.

Their symbols are etched into the very stones of their cavernous temples and woven into the lore of all draconic races—each scale, claw, and fang represented is a testament to their unshakable dominion. Their realm is a place of elemental chaos and cosmic order, where mountains of coin gleam under the eternal flame, and where the very stars in the sky heed their call.

Worshipers are as varied as the dragons themselves, ranging from the chromatic to the metallic, each finding a place within the celestial hierarchy. Heroes among them rise to become aspects of these divine beings, champions blessed with divine essence and charged with enforcing the will of the pantheon.

Each deity also bestows a unique artifact upon the mortal realm, items of such power that they resonate with the beating heart of dragon magic. These items are sought after by mortals and dragons alike, for they carry a fragment of the pantheon's unfathomable power, capable of tipping the balance in the eternal dance of dragon against dragon, and the world against the wyrm.

Titles: The Golden Tyrant
Domains: War

Titles: The Tempest Incarnate
Domains: Elemental (Lightning)

Titles: The Platinum Protector
Domains: Justice

Titles: Sovereign of the Searing Skies
Domains: Elemental (Fire)

Titles: Guardian of the Heavens
Domains: Protection

Titles: Sovereign of the Starlit Maelstrom
Domains: Stars

Titles: The Diamond Sentinel
Domains: Nature (Earth - Mineral)

Titles: The Betrayer of Secrets
Domains: Knowledge

Titles: Spirit Sage of Lacandor
Domains: Energy

Titles: The Celestial Maw
Domains: Destruction

Titles: The Endless Winter
Domains: Elemental (Cold)

Titles: Harbinger of the Scorched Cataclysm
Domains: Elemental (Fire)

Titles: The Shroud Matron
Domains: Fear

Titles: Tempest Warden
Domains: Elemental (Thunder)

Titles: Verdant Guardian
Domains: Nature

Titles: The Once Wingless
Domains: Redemption

Titles: The Ember Sovereign
Domains: Elemental (Fire)

Titles: The Dusk Matron
Domains: Darkness

Titles: The Amethyst Arbiter
Domains: Death

Titles: The Chaos Matriarch
Domains: Chaos

Titles: Blessing's Beast
Domains: Protection

Titles: Arcane Sentinel
Domains: Arcana

Titles: The Harmonious Seraph
Domains: Friendship

Titles: The Planar Nexus
Domains: Travel