Subclass of: Wizard

The Witch subclass for Wizards offers a unique approach to magic, diverging from traditional wizard subclasses. Witches learn their craft from the fringes of society, adopting ancient practices and binding their souls to talismans. Their mystic magic manipulates fortune and the elements in wondrous and dark ways. They have the flexibility to learn both Wizard and Druid spells, and their Witch Talisman acts as an arcane focus with unique abilities. Witches can join a Coven for shared spellcasting and increased ritual potency, or embrace Solitary Sorcery for additional spells and heightened resilience. They can summon familiars, create flying conveyances, and even establish a magical home, the Witch's House. The Witch subclass embodies the enigmatic and powerful nature of magic, offering a captivating alternative to traditional wizard subclasses.

Witches are learned spellcasters like wizards, but unlike traditional wizards, they gain their magic not in schools but at the fringes of society, learning from the shunned and adopting folklore and old ways that frighten common folk but offer great power. They bind pieces of their souls to items and creatures they create, making them lightning rods for the energies of the universe. It is said that the magic witches use is descended from the oldest practices of magic in the multiverse. Their mysticism manipulates fortune and the powers of the elements in ways both wondrous and dark and terrible.

Witches are a subclass of Wizards but may learn both Wizard and Druid spells. Witches, like Wizards, are learned spell casters and must learn their spells from other practitioners or may experiment to create their own.


Witch Talisman

At 2nd level, you choose a witch talisman. Your witch talisman counts as an arcane focus for the purpose of casting spells. your talisman is a highly personal item that you imbued with a part of your soul, acting as a channel to the ambient magical energies of the universe.

Talismans, regardless of type, have hit points equal half your max HP and an AC equal to your spell save DC. It can only be hit if targeted specifically and cannot be included in areas of effect. If your talisman is destroyed, you lose the ability to cast spells and any ongoing spells you are concentrating on immediately end. You also immediately take damage equal to half your maximum HP. You can create a new talisman or restore your own talisman to full hit points over the course of a long rest. When you die, your talisman is destroyed in a spectacular display of magical power. It cracks, streams of light pouring from it until it shatters and explodes in a cloud of glittering dust, elemental energy, shrapnel and arcane force. One piece of it always remains: the burned husk of a witch’s broom, the blackened crystal from a gorgeous necklace, the broken hilt of a cruel knife.

Your choice of talisman also gives you a special ability associated with it, based on its type as listed below. This choice cannot be changed.


Your talisman is a magical amulet with a design unique and iconic to you. (Examples: A lucky coin, a shiny button that replaces a button on anything you wear, a scarab beetle necklace, a silver belt buckle, a four leaf clover that never wilts, a bone pentacle.)

While you wear it you gain a +1 bonus to your AC. 


Your talisman is an ornate or rustic magical weapon. This weapon takes the form of a dagger, short sword or any other one-handed melee weapon.(Examples: A black glass dagger, a silver longsword, a stone handaxe, a bone spear, a gleaming glove that produces a deadly blade, a barbed scourge.)

You are proficient with your athame, and you can add your Intelligence modifier to attack and damage rolls made with your athame. Over the course of a long rest, you can choose to change your athame into a different weapon.


Your talisman is a magic wand, broom, staff, crystal, tome or rod with a design unique to you. (Examples: A carved wand of bone, a twined ivy bracelet, a crystal ball that floats above your hand, a tome of fairy tales and poems, a staff made from a single ancient oak branch, a gnarled broom, or a giant pestle.)

While you wield it, you receive a +1 bonus to your spell save DC.


Your talisman is a hat, pendant, barrette, hairband, headband or head piece of some sort with a design unique to yourself, generally with a jewel or bone centerpiece.(Examples: A pointed, conical hat, a gem that hangs from a chain on the center of the forehead, a butterfly barrette, or a beautiful sapphire pin.)

While you wear it, you gain proficiency in any 1 skill of your choice.


Your talisman is a ring of power with a unique design. It could be chased metal, fine wire with a jewel or bone setting, a thick band, a wedding ring, a cage ring, a claw ring or any other finger adornment. While you wear your ring, you can speak, read, and write Abyssal, Draconic, Infernal, Primordial, and Sylvan.

Evil Eye

Starting at 2nd level, you can glare at foes and cause them to crumble and fail under the force of your baleful glaze. When a creature you can see within 60ft of you makes an attack roll, ability check, or saving throw, you can use your reaction to give that creature disadvantage on its roll. You can use this feature a number of times equal to your Intelligence modifier. You regain all expended uses when your complete a long rest.

Covens of the Arcane

Starting at 4th level, you have the option to join a coven or venture on your own, each path offering unique benefits and abilities. This coven may be one you are already apprenticing with, a newly met one, a newly formed one, one of your own making (with recruits), or you may choose to venture on your own. This class feature, Covens of the Arcane, presents you with the choice, allowing you to harness the powers of a coven or rely solely on your individual prowess. 

Coven Bond

Coven Bond:

If you choose to join a coven, you form a mystical bond with your fellow witches, establishing a profound connection that amplifies your collective magic. While within the coven's influence, you gain the following benefits:

Shared Spellcasting: As a coven member, you have access to a shared spell list known only to the coven, expanding your magical repertoire. You can choose one spell from the shared spell list when you level up, and it counts as a wizard spell for you.

Guided Witchcraft: You have trained with your coven and have become a well practiced witch. You gain a +1 to your spell attacks.

Coven's Protection: Your coven members watch over you, providing a sense of security and warding off malevolent forces. You gain advantage on saving throws against being charmed or frightened, and you have resistance against psychic damage.
Covens also may come with the benefit of having powerful allies and resources.

Solitary Sorcery

If you choose not to join a coven and embrace the path of solitary sorcery, your individualistic nature grants you unique advantages:

Esoteric Insights: Your relentless pursuit of arcane knowledge allows you to gain additional spells beyond the wizard's normal progression. You learn one additional wizard spell of your choice at 1st, 5th, 9th, 13th, and 17th level.

Untamed Resilience: As a lone witch, you have honed your ability to resist the influences of both magic and mundane threats. You have advantage on saving throws against spells and other magical effects if the spell level is less than half your Witch level. Additionally, you have proficiency in Constitution saving throws.

Arcane Isolation: Your mastery of solitude enables you to manipulate the magical energies around you with precision. When you cast a spell that requires a saving throw, the DC is increased by 1.

Due to not having the same allies and resources when a solitary witch, you gain proficiency in Nature checks, and advantage with plant and beast based nature checks.

Tasha's Guidance

You have studied the ancient witches of the world and have gained knowledge from their feats. You learn how to cast the following spells at the associated levels.

Level 3: Tasha's Hideous Laughter
Level 6: Tasha's Caustic Brew
Level 9: Tasha's Mind Whip
Level 13: Tasha's Otherworldly Guise

Additionally, you may cast these without expending a spell slot once long rest. These count as known spells.

Witches Familiar

Starting at 6th level, you gain enough power to enact a special ritual to create your own magical familiar. You learn the find familiar spell if you didn't already know it, and can cast it with the following changes:

Your familiar is created with a fraction of your soul, similar to your talisman, and follows the same rules as your talisman. If your familiar is reduced to 0 hit points, you immediately take damage equal to half your maximum hit points.

At 11th level:


Witches Conveyance

Starting at 10th level, you can spend 7 days to create a magical item that, as long as you are mounted on it, gives you a flying speed of 40 feet. This item could be a broom, a giant mortar, a cauldron, a pony-sized swan made out of ivory, a fey stallion, a giant bat or any other mount or conveyance. The conveyance works only for you and can carry only you. If you are within 1 mile of your conveyance you can call it to your side at its flying speed. Your conveyance can shrink down to the size of a 6 inch figurine to fit in a pack or belt pouch. Your conveyance has limited animation when away from you, even if it is in the form of a living creature. It can take no actions unless it is within 60 feet of you, in which case it can only move its flying speed or interact with objects. Your conveyance cannot take the attack action or any other combat action.

The item is made of your own magic, has a piece of your soul imbibed to it, and follows the same rules as your talisman. Your conveyance has hit points equal to half of your max hit points and an AC of 20. If your conveyance is reduced to 0 hit points, it is destroyed and you take damage equal to half your max HP.

Witch's House

Starting at 14th level, you can create a magical home in 7 days time. It can be no less than 30 feet long and 10 feet tall on each side on the outside, but is no more than 80 feet long and 40 feet tall on each side. It could be a fine wooden house, a tower of stone, a hut standing on chicken legs, a ramshackle mansion of clockwork and magic, a garden enclosed in a fence of black thorns or any other domicile. This class feature otherwise works as the spell magnificent mansion except it has an unlimited duration and a physical presence in the real world. The home’s banquet of food regenerates once every 24 hours and never spoils. The home can be moved once per week in a ritual that takes one hour to a location within 10 miles. Each time it is moved the outer dimensions of the house can be altered to fit the new location, but the inner dimensions remain as the spell magnificent mansion. To move the house, you must be very familiar with the space the home is moving to, it must be unoccupied, and it must be affixed to either the ground or an otherwise sturdy/safe location per the DM's discresion. 

While the home may be flavored with legs or other traveling mechanisms, it cannot move from its location without using the above defined ritual.