Grey Necromancer

Subclass of: Wizard

Introducing the Grey Necromancer, a unique subclass of Wizards who embody neutrality in their mastery of undeath. Forsaking dangerous evocation magic, they gain enhanced powers in necromancy, raising undead, granting calm undeath, and modifying the bodies of the living with eerie features. Their true neutral undead creations, the ability to inscribe resurrection runes, and the summoning of undead armor make the Grey Necromancer a formidable force that navigates the delicate balance between life and death. Will you wield this power for good or succumb to darker ambitions?

A Necromancer neither benign nor malevolent simply neutral. One that can raise undead hordes or give calm undeath to those that are willing. And able to modify the bodies of the living with undead features. All undead raised by a grey necromancer are true neutral.

Grey necromancers give up the powers of the dangerous evocation class for enhanced powers in necromancy.

Master of Undeath

At level 2 you can inscribe a rune on a willing creature (or an item on them) and when they die after 1 minute they rise back as a skeleton keeping their mental stats and class benefits but having a reduced Dex and Str (by -3) and half of their former HP creatures revived this way still have full control of themselves but regard the reviver as a master of sorts and feels a debt. Creatures brought back this way can never truly die and when killed come back to life in 1d4 days if the one that revived them is still alive.

Additionally, upon taking this subclass, you cannot cast an evocation spell of above its base level (ie Fireball can only be cast at level 3)

Corpse Scupltor

Undead Armor: As a bonus action, the Gray Necromancer can summon (or dismiss) undead armor onto their body. The armor is composed of anything from bone to flesh to even ghost whisps, offering different effects. The base armor has +4 AC. It counts as light armor or medium armor whenever beneficial. It can be enhanced as if it were actual armor by enhancing your body itself. You cannot wear other armors or benefit from mage armor nor unarmored benefits.

When you gain this class feature, choose 3 materials below. You can add one additional mate material armor at levels 7, 12, and 17.

Exoskeleton: Your armor is composed of bone, with a rib cage breastplate. You gain an additional +2 to AC

Ghoul Skin: Your armor appears to be gaunt human leather which stinks of the grave. As a standard action, you can release a foul rotting odor which forces a con save (spell save DC) to all creatures in 10 ft. Those that fail the save are poisoned for 1 minute. A creature that successfully saves cannot be affected again by the same pale master's stench for 24 hours.  Creatures with immunity to poison are unaffected, and creatures resistant to poison receive their normal bonus on their saving throws. You can toggle the aura at will.

Ghost Shroud: The armor appears to be ghostly and transparent. Roll a percentile die if you roll half your level or lower the attack misses.

Mummy Wraps: You are covered in funeral wraps of the mummy. Once per day as a free action, you can expose the dark energies from under the wraps, shaking the will of even the strongest foe. All opponents who can see the Gray Necromancer out to 30 ft must make a Con save (DC 10 + Cha modifier) for be paralyzed for 1d4 rounds. A creature that saves is immune for 24 hours. You gain an extra use per day at 6th level and another at 10th level. 

Shadow Veil: The armor is barely visible, and it makes your flesh seem dark and translucent. While using this armor you gain a bonus to stealth equal to your Int mod and advantage on stealth checks while in dim or dark environments.

Vampire Hide: You wear pale-colored leather which takes on a rather living hue when soaked in blood. You gain 1d4 temporary hit points whenever you damage an enemy with a spell and cast vampiric touch as a free action once per round whenever you come into contact with a living creature.

Zombie Hide: This thick layer of rotting flesh is tough and durable. You gain Temp hit points equal to your half your Int mod x your lvl.

Specter Shroud: A smoky mist coats your body that billows and evaporates off of your body. Undead you control or creatures with undead grafts within 15 feet of you gain a +1 to AC and advantage on DEX saving throws. When a living nonhumanoid dies within 30ft of you they are raised as a zombie under your control, if a humanoid dies within 30ft of you roll a percentile dice to determine what they are raised as: 1 - Lich, 2 - Vampire, 3 - demilich, 4 - revenant, 5 - wraith, 6 - Deathlock, 7 - Ghost, 8 - Banshee, 9 - wight, 10-28 zombie, 28-46 skeleton, 46-64 shadow, 64-82 ghoul, 82-100 - nothing


Undead Grafting: You can exchange a part of yourself or one willing creature for an undead body part ranging from Skeletal to nearly human but off. These parts reduce the max HP of the recipient by 1/4 of their max but recover upon a long rest.  A creature can only have 2 different grafts.

Bone Limbs: Need bones of the appropriate limb and a varying cost emerald

              Legs:  Lose 5ft of movement but gain resistance to falling damage and immunity to ground-based damage (ie. spiked thorns) only applies if both legs are replaced. 75 gp emerald

              Arms:  Lose either 1 Str or Dex but gains a +1 to the DC or a +2 to hit with any touch spell cast through the arm. Additionally, a cantrip may be stored in the arm and cast as a touch spell even if it was ranged. Cantrips stored this way gains bonus damage equal to your int mod as necrotic damage and may be stored for up to 1 day. 175 gp emerald

Zombie Limbs: Stitches and cut limbs (can be from the recipient if its a different creature) and a varying cost garnet

             Legs:  Lose 5 Hp per leg but gain an additional 5ft of movement per leg if both legs are replaced like this gain a -4 to dex saves involving AOE spells (ie fireball) 150 gp garnet

             Arms:  Gain a +1 to either Dex or Str take a -1 to the other. Gains this way ignore stat caps. 200 gp garnet

Ghost Grafts:  Dirt from atop a grave and blood and a varying cost moonstone

             Arms: This arm becomes unable to hold more than 10lbs of weight and incurs -2 penalties with attacks from it (to hit and damage) and cannot hold a shield. However, the hand can go through solids if willed and take objects weighing less than 1lb through. 250 gp moonstone

              Legs: No benefits or downsides for 1 but if you have 2 you can only jump 1ft up or down and lose 5ft of movement but once every minute you can teleport 10ft as a free action. 300 gp moonstone

              Eyes: You gain a -2 to perception checks but gain Darkvision for 15ft (or an additional 15 ft) (per eye) and Truesight for 10ft (this operation changes both eyes) 200 gp moonstone

              Tounge: You can permanently cast speak with dead and gain advantage when trying to command undead but gain a -1 to Cha 150 gp moonstone

Banshee throat: Blood of a singer and a 500 gp aquamarine

               This operation remakes the targets voice box with the features of a banshee and allows the player to use the wail ability with a 10 DC and does not affect any creature with an undead graft the recipient take a -3 penalty to persuasion rolls and cannot change their voice away from a raspier version of their voice 

Ghast Claws:  Maggot that has consumed humanoid flesh, chopped off hand of the target creature, 400 gp opal

               An operation that morphs the hand into a ghoul claw that gives you a 2d4 + STR or DEX (whichever you use to attack) slashing damage and the creature (unless undead, construct, or has a graft) must make a DC 10 con save or be paralyzed. With this graft, you have disadvantage with ranged weapons.


Lich's heart: Blood of a celestial and a 2500 cost Black Diamond

                A forbidden ritual that replaces the heart of a creature with a demi-phylactery while this demi-phylactery is in the place of the creature's heart they no longer age and upon being slain the creature reconstitutes around their heart after 1 minute and act as if they were raised by the resurrection spell. However, Creatures that undergo this procedure can still die by hunger, thirst, disease, or poison. They take a -2 to their con. The process can be reverted via Regenerate(which expels the gem used), Greater restoration, or a wish spell. The demi-phylactery can be destroyed by being shattered before the body reconstitutes

Dimensional Dungeon

At level 7 you gain an extra-dimensional dungeon that you design the interior is dim and gloomy the atmosphere and air are as you see fit the space is bare and with no furnishings and small building or rooms can be made living creatures gain no benefits for sleeping in the dungeon. The dungeon always comes with a stone mine under the main parts that can be used to fashion things in the dungeon and is always a stone of your choice however if the stone is attempted to be taken out it dissolves into dark mist. Undead in the dungeon don't fade away and remain under your control if they were upon entering and reset their command timer upon leaving. You can mark off areas where you can open a Portal to the outside you can also make permanent portals to that link your dungeon to the outside world. If you have no portal open you can open one to the last place you opened a portal. Temporary portals require 1 action to conjure and last for one round unless you concentrate on holding it open longer (like concentrating on a spell and can't do both at once)

Enhanced Undead

When you raise a creature to undeath you now choose what it is resurrected as (unless it has no flesh the is always a skeleton or has specific rituals or causes ie. Vampires, Liches, Bodaks, etc.) and the creature no longer has to be a humanoid. However, it must have a CR less than half of the players. If there is no specific Zombie/Skeleton version of the creature reduce its health by half, remove any magical abilities the creature had, and reduce mental stats to 4 if they were higher, STR by 2 and DEX by 3.

Pacify Masses

Once per day, you can select a spot and in a 30ft radius, all undead become friendly towards you and your allies for 24 hours undead with an Int above 9 make an Int save against your spell DC those with above an 11 auto succeed.