Indomitable Knight Archetype

Subclass of: Fighter

Indomitable Knights are the epitome of resilience and tenacity on the battlefield, embodying the philosophy that sheer willpower can transcend physical limitations. These fighters thrive in the thick of combat, drawing strength from the very blows they endure. Positioned always at the vanguard, they engage multiple foes with a conviction that pain serves not as a deterrent but as a catalyst for their might. With abilities that allow them to retaliate immediately upon taking damage, delay the impact of injuries to maintain their offensive, and even continue fighting in conditions that would spell doom for others, Indomitable Knights are a formidable presence. Their unique mastery over pain not only fuels their own relentless assault but also inspires their allies to greater feats of bravery. As they advance, their remarkable resilience allows them to recover from mortal wounds that would fell lesser warriors and even stave off death itself, making them nearly unstoppable forces of determination and strength on the field of war. 

Indomitable knights are fighters who excel in the high stakes of combat, relishing on the pain they receive and using it to make themselves more lethal in a fight. Indomitable knights can normally be found on the front lines of the battle, surrounding themselves with numerous opponents and proving that mind over matter is a force to be reckoned with. These knights can fight through the most grievous wounds, continuing to slay enemies even after their limbs or heads are removed.

Mushroom Homebrew

Bonus Proficiencies

3rd-level Indomitable Archetype feature

You gain proficiency in the Intimidation skill. 

When you deal damage to a creature, that creature has disadvantage on skill checks to resist being intimidated, and saving throws to resist being frightened for 10 minutes.

Masochistic Focus

3rd-level Indomitable Archetype feature

You have learned to let the pain you receive hone your focus in battle. As a reaction to taking damage from a melee attack, you can immediately make a melee attack against the target that hit you.

After you have used this feature, you cannot use it again until after a long rest. When you reach 8th level you can use this feature a number of times per day equal to your proficiency bonus and all expended uses recharge after a long rest.


7th-level Indomitable Archetype feature

You are able to delay the effects of damage dealt to you, using the resulting adrenaline to better fuel your own attacks, but at a larger cost to yourself later on. When you are dealt damage, you can use your reaction to delay taking the damage, and choose to delay the damage a future round (declaring your choice aloud). During the rounds in which the damage is delayed all melee attacks you make are made with advantage. When the damage is no longer delayed you take the damage at the start of your turn and you suffer a number of levels of exhaustion equal to the amount of turns the damage was delayed. You can also use this feature to delay death from a blow that would remove your head such as that of a vorpal blade, continuing to fight until the delay wears off. During this delay, you cannot regain hit points by any means.

At 7th level, you are able to delay the damage until the end of your turn on the following round. At 10th level you are able to delay until the end of your turn two rounds later, and at 20th level, you are able to delay it to the end of your turn at a maximum of three rounds.

Once you have used this feature, you cannot use it again until after a long rest.

Indomitable Spirit

10th-level Indomitable Archetype feature

Your ability to overcome massive damage is an inspiration to your nearby allies. When using your adrenaline feature, all allies within 15 ft. that can see you have advantage on their melee attacks until you take the delayed damage.

Hardy Disposition

15th-level Indomitable Archetype feature

When an attack would take you to 0 hit points, make a Constitution saving throw. The DC equals the amount of damage that dropped you to 0 hp. On a success, rather than falling unconscious with 0 hp you instead regain a total number of hit points equal to your level.

Once you have used this feature, you cannot use it again until after a long rest.

Indomitable Body

18th-level Indomitable Archetype feature

Your mastery of pain has you greeting death as an old friend, allowing you a level of control over death. When you are reduced to 0 hp, you begin making death saves with two successful saves.

Once you have used this feature, you cannot use it again until after you finish a long rest.