Campaign 2

Welcome, courageous adventurers, to the realm of Alifree, a land where the delicate harmony between magic and progress hangs by a thread. Prepare yourselves for an extraordinary quest as you confront a looming threat that seeks to dismantle magic and plunge Alifree back into the dark days of old. This is "The Shattered Veil: Rebellion's Shadow."

Alifree, once a pristine forested expanse, has been transformed into a bastion of industrialized enchantments, renowned for its magical exports. At its heart lies the capital city of Ferreton, a bustling hub for the trade of mystical wonders. Here, magic has become intertwined with machinery, driving the nation's advancement to new heights.

However, whispers of a rebellion have spread like wildfire, casting a shadow of uncertainty over Alifree's future. Rumors abound that a rebel force from Foron, a land bordering Alifree, is clandestinely orchestrating sabotage and plots to dismantle the very foundations of Alifree's magical society. Their aim: to return the realm to a time long past.

As you embark on this perilous journey, you will encounter the four neighboring lands that border Alifree. To the south-west lies the treacherous Banishlands, a wild and dangerous landscape of semi-arid deserts that poses threats at every turn. Traveling south-east, you will face the frigid challenges of Plank, a frost-covered taiga that links Alifree to the unforgiving Arctic Circle.

To the north-west lies Morrel, a mystical forest steeped in secrets and enigmatic tales, harboring safety to magical creatures. Finally, to the north lies Foron itself, a society that reveres magic as an intrinsic part of their world. It is from within this land that the rebels emerge, seeking to upend Alifree's delicate balance, destroying a centuries long peace.

"The Shattered Veil: Rebellion's Shadow" beckons you to rise as defenders of Alifree's magical legacy. Will you unravel the mysteries behind the rebel force's motivations? Can you thwart their plans and preserve the harmony between magic and progress? The fate of Alifree hangs in the balance, and only you can bring light to the encroaching darkness.

Gather your allies, steel your resolve, and prepare to confront the rebel threat that seeks to shatter the veil of magic that protects Alifree. Uncover their hidden lairs, reveal their insidious plots, and restore peace to a land on the brink of chaos. The path ahead is treacherous, but the rewards are great for those willing to stand against the Rebellion's Shadow. Will you answer the call?

But what are you going to do to help make the world in your image?

For fun, each player is going to design the following with me that you can then experience!

Leveling up will be narrative, but will not have as clearly defined milestones as our first campaign did. Instead of "complete any X objective to level" we will be doing "complete at least 5 of these objectives to level". This list of objectives may change, but here is what that may look like. Keep in mind, this is just a guideline and may be reduced if you guys do something spectacular. (I wont ever make it harder though)

Idea not finalized*

What is the point? To help drive individual story and choice. I want you guys to feel the freedom of not just the collective story, but your own.

You must hit each of these large objectives:

You must hit at least 5 of these small objectives:

This can be things like

Similar to how I told you in C1 about the marriage rule, to gain the benefits of it, it needs to be real. Play into it, build up the story about it. Make it clear that it is happening through your actions and tell others that it is something you are struggling with. It needs to be important. Overcoming a fear of spiders in order to squish one on the ground would not count, but maybe the tank in the fight refused to tank in a cave because they wouldn't go near the spiders. But when your friends start going down, you rush in to help, overcoming that fear. These things are not one session things and should be built up over a long period.

Down Time Activities

Certain skills are granted based on class features or feats. Example: Forgery, Brewing, etc.

Basic Skills

Intermediate Skills