Monstrosity Pantheon

About the Monstrosity Gods

In the shadowed corners of the world, where fear and awe intertwine, there exists a pantheon of such grotesque might and ancient terror that few dare to speak their names. These are the embodiments of the world's most primal fears, the monstrous deities whose very existence defies the natural order. Their forms are as varied as they are horrifying, ranging from the abyssal depths of the earth to the forgotten reaches of the sky.

Rare is the soul brave or foolish enough to worship these beings openly, for they are not gods of harvests or hearth. They are the forgotten ones, the titans of ruin and whispers in the dark, whose favor is not given, but taken. Those who seek them out do not do so for blessings of fertility or fortune but for raw, untamed power—the kind that can shape nations or bring them to their knees.

Their domain is not one of temples and choirs but of hidden altars and chants uttered in desperate hunger. To harness the power of these ancient horrors is to dance on the knife-edge of doom. For every scrap of eldritch strength they offer, there is a price to be paid in flesh and sanity. And yet, the temptation of such forbidden might is enough to draw the ambitious, the desperate, and the mad.

Those who seek the monstrosities' favor know that they are not communing with benevolent spirits but bargaining with the very essence of calamity. They are the terrors that lurk beyond the edge of the firelight, the unseen nightmares that fuel every ghost story and legend of the deep. And for those who succeed, the rewards are as immense as the risks—a claim to a power as old as fear itself.

Titles: The Nightwing
Domains: Plague

Titles: The Abyssal
Domains: Unknown

Titles: The All-Thought
Domains: Unknown

Titles: The Great Assimilator
Domains: Power

Titles: The Amorphous Vanguard
Domains: Unknown

Glutunous Maximus
Titles: The Grand Deceiver
Domains: Trickery

Titles: The Aetherclaw
Domains: Unknown

Titles: The Hunger
Domains: Unknown

Titles: The Mountain Eater
Domains: Unknown

Titles: The Slime Prime
Domains: Unknown

The Quadrelic Horrors
Titles: The Brood
Domains: Unknown

Titles: The Untamed
Domains: Unknown

Titles: The Grasping Maw
Domains: Unknown