Titles: The Nightwing

Domains: Plague

Symbol: Unknown

Alignment: CE

Power Rating: Demigod

Realms: Unknown

Atramentar is the embodiment of inevitable decay, a silent witness to the fall of empires and the withering of life. With wings that span the darkest night, it holds a candle, the singular light that beckons the plagued and the lost. Its large, unblinking eyes capture the last vestiges of hope from the afflicted, promising solace yet leading them further into despair.

Atramentar is whispered to be the first of its kind, a creature born from the primal fears of illness and the dark. It is neither wholly a god nor a mere monster but occupies a space in between, a being that is worshipped in hushed tones in places struck by pestilence. The Moth God of the Plague is a paradoxical figure, associated with both the spread of disease and the quiet, guiding light that brings comfort to those in their final hours. Its origins are lost to time, with some stories suggesting it was the result of a divine curse, while others claim it as a manifestation of humanity's collective dread of disease and darkness. As the apex of its monstrous pantheon, Atramentar is both feared and revered, a deity that is as inevitable as the night itself.