Yhorim Cinder

Yhorim after putting all his effort into saving the land he calls home, even at the cost of his own well-being.

Yhorim when he first began his travels.

Yhorim as the Betas began the burden of removing the gods.

Yhorim, a towering Goliath standing at a staggering nine feet tall, possessed an extraordinary physicality that set him apart from his kin. With the unique anomaly of four powerful arms, Yhorim was a force to be reckoned with. His brawn and unparalleled strength made him a formidable presence on any battlefield, while his inventive nature allowed him to wield hammers and craft tools with remarkable skill.

Born in the mountains of Gladale, Yhorim hailed from a city of Goliaths, where his people lived in harmony with the rugged landscape. However, tragedy struck when his father, under the influence of Orani Val, the god of darkness, was commanded to execute all Goliaths in exchange for power. Initially agreeing to the heinous task, Yhorim's father had a change of heart upon realizing that his own kin were not exempt from the genocide. Fueled by love and compassion, he secretly spirited away Yhorim and his sister Tickles, sending them down the mountains to safer cities, while they remained unaware of the reasons behind their survival.

For many years, Yhorim and Tickles found refuge in the woods, building a life together amidst the serenity of nature. Eventually, they settled in Koiwood, a city inhabited by gnomes, where Yhorim's towering stature made him an imposing figure among the diminutive residents. Embracing their new home, they took some time to learn gnomish culture. It was here that Yhorim and Tickles found a love for brewing ale.

After a few years, Yhorim and Tickles save up enough to move and open their own tavern. They chose Azhaland, a hub for travelers, and opened the Gnaughty Gnome, a lively tavern known for its gnomish atmosphere, where Yhorim's warm and friendly nature endeared him to those who treated him with kindness.

Yhorim, though not blessed with intellectual prowess, possessed a keen sensitivity to any perceived slight on his intelligence. Despite his occasional short temper, he always strove to do right by others and make amends for his mistakes. As one of the founding members of the Betas, Yhorim's sheer physical might and unwavering loyalty endeared him to his comrades, forging deep bonds of friendship with the likes of Ketchy, a grung artificer who offered constant support and friendship to the formidable Goliath.

The tale of Yhorim's life took a poignant turn when he met his demise alongside his closest friend, Ketchy, during a battle against a colossal elder brain. In death, they are said to have found themselves in Bytopia, a realm of duality, where they established a humble pub within a gnomish city. In this afterlife, Yhorim and Ketchy spend their days tending to their pub, cultivating their own crops, and brewing delightful libations, finding peace and contentment in their eternal companionship.

Their humble establishment, named Barbarian and Brew, serves as a testament to the enduring bond between two warriors, their story whispered among the tales of heroism, reminding those who hear it of the extraordinary strength found in friendship, sacrifice, and the pursuit of a simple, fulfilling life.