Borg (Bor'g)

Borg after losing his body to the Lich.

Borg when he first began his travels.

Borg after the Lich began to infect his mind.

Borg, an orc with a tumultuous past, was born into a family of farmers. One fateful day, he stumbled upon a young Duergar named Kraig playing with his toy trains outside. Intrigued by this unexpected encounter, Borg approached Kraig with curiosity, but the Duergar fled. Determined to understand the situation, Borg tracked down Kraig weeks later, only to find him being attacked by a group of young goblins. In a display of courage and compassion, Borg rushed to Kraig's aid, driving away their assailants.

Taking pity on Kraig, Borg's parents welcomed the dwarf into their home, adopting him as their own and giving Borg a brother to share his childhood with. Over the years, Borg and Kraig developed a deep bond, finding solace and support in each other's presence. As they grew older, the duo decided to join the army, driven by their shared desire to combat the encroaching threat of dragons plaguing their land.

However, Borg's journey was marred by a flaw that plagued his character—sudden and unchecked impulses. Despite Kraig's efforts to guide and temper his brother's temperamental nature, Borg succumbed to prejudices, harboring deep-rooted animosity towards those he perceived as enemies. Elves, goblins, dragons, and various other creatures became the targets of his wrath, as Borg struggled to reign in his aggression within the ranks of the army.

When the opportunity to venture to Rotania arose, Borg readily accepted Kraig's invitation, hoping that this new land would provide an arena to prove his superiority. Joined by Kraig and their new friend Peter, they made way to Rotania. Shortly after their arrival they formed the Betas with a group of locals.

However, Rotania proved to be a crucible for Borg's ego and his unyielding belief in his own superiority. Encountering individuals with remarkable abilities and strengths, Borg's fragile ego was threatened. Refusing to acknowledge the prowess of others, he dismissed those who surpassed him in any way, blinded by an unwavering determination to be the best.

The tensions between Borg and Yhorim, a fellow Beta member known for his immense strength, escalated frequently. Borg's reckless decisions and inability to accept his limitations led to disastrous consequences, endangering not only his comrades but also the people they sought to protect.

In the midst of his inner turmoil, a mysterious voice reached out to Borg, exploiting his low intelligence and offering him unmatched power. Desperate to prove his dominance and overcome his shortcomings, Borg unknowingly made a pact with a malevolent Lich, who preyed on his vulnerabilities and sought to exploit him for his own nefarious purposes.

As the Lich tightened its grip on Borg's mind, the orc found himself succumbing to its control, becoming an instrument of chaos and destruction. Now under the influence of the Lich, Borg's immense strength and unbridled aggression are unleashed upon Rotania, wreaking havoc wherever he treads. His former allies, the Betas, now face the monumental task of stopping their once-trusted comrade, whether it be by freeing his mind or ending his life.