Fey Pantheon

About the Fey

In the mystical realm of the Feywild, a pantheon of deities presides over the ever-shifting tapestry of emotions, nature, and arcane wonders. Each deity embodies a distinct facet of existence, from joy and sorrow to birth and loss, serving as both guide and guardian of their respective domains. These gods and goddesses often reside in secluded sanctuaries, filled with awe-inspiring phenomena that are as whimsical and complex as the deities themselves.

Bound by a web of interlocking covenants, the deities maintain the balance of the Feywild, ensuring that no single aspect of life becomes too dominant. They are attended by celestial entities, unique to their individual courts, that help manifest their will within the realm and beyond. Though each deity has their distinct purpose, responsibilities, and even rivalries, they are all tied together by a shared understanding of the delicate balance that must be maintained for the continued vitality of the Feywild.

Annual rituals and festivals serve as focal points of celebration, exchange, and even conflict among the deities. These events often transcend the realm of the Feywild, affecting other planes of existence and providing mortals a glimpse of their unfathomable powers. However, an overarching prophecy looms in the background, hinting at a time of darkness that will require the united strength of the entire pantheon to overcome.

While the deities may appear capricious or unpredictable, each plays a vital role in the grand scheme of things. They provide sanctuaries for weary souls, help individuals confront their deepest fears or sorrows, offer avenues for rebirth and forgiveness, and sprinkle moments of joy and wonder into lives that would otherwise be mundane or painful. Together, they form the beating heart of the Feywild, a realm that reflects the complexities, contradictions, and endless possibilities of life itself.

Titles: Pale Hand
Domains: Trickery

Cotton Randy
Titles: The Peace Bringer
Domains: Peace

Titles: Giver of Second Chances
Domains: Justice

Titles: Keeper of Shattered Hearts
Domains: Grave

Titles: The Whispering Veil
Domains: Life

Titles: The Great Fairy of the Garden
Domains: Nature

Titles: Unknown
Domains: Elemental (Water)

Glitter Michael
Titles: Grand Luminary
Domains: Fortune

Titles: Bringer of Dawn Melodies
Domains: Light

Titles: Queen of Whimsical Wings
Domains: Nature

Titles: Guardian of Elegance
Domains: Nature

Titles: Me-Me
Domains: Peace

Titles: The Forsaken Son
Domains: Abandoned

Petra Ti
Titles: Moth Mother
Domains: Arcana

Titles: Ring Master of Ruin
Domains: Chaos (Unknown)

Titles: The Weaver of Destinies
Domains: Fate

Titles: Vora the Huntress
Domains: Bounty

Titles: His Feydarkness
Domains: Twilight