Giant Pantheon

About the Giants

The Giant Pantheon is a collection of deities residing in the Gorginia realm. Each embodies a primal aspect of the world, from the fiery hearts of volcanoes to the deepest trenches of the ocean. These gods are not just worshipped but are integrated into the very fabric of existence, their domains reflecting the fundamental forces of creation, destruction, and the natural order.

Monstrous in size and ancient beyond measure, these deities walk among mountains and oceans as easily as mortals tread upon grass. Their followers are a reflection of their dominions—forge clerics and blacksmiths who worship the deity of fire and creation, sailors and those lost at sea who pray to the master of oceans and monsters, warriors and strategists who look to the embodiment of strength and endurance for guidance, and those who respect the cycles of life and death who honor the deity who holds sway over the end of all things.

The pantheon includes a deity whose body encircles the realm, a testament to the world's unending nature, and a deity of death who collects the bones of the fallen, ensuring that every soul is remembered. There is a god born from the very earth itself, their anger manifesting as eruptions that reshape the land, and a deity who, with their might, upholds the world and maintains the cosmic balance.

Their mythology is woven with tales of great feats and terrifying cataclysms—events that have defined the history of the world. From the silent sovereignty over a bone-laden necropolis to the unleashing of unimaginable creatures from the depths to terrorize the surface, each story serves as a reminder of the gods' power and the respect they command.

Titles: Tideborne Warlord
Domains: War

Titles: Worldbearer
Domains: Order

Titles: The Bearer of Eternal Light
Domains: Guardianship

Titles: The Sightless Shepherd
Domains: Guidance

Titles: Mistress of the Cerulean Cascade
Domains: Renewal

Titles: Devourer of Skies
Domains: Devouring

Titles: Dark Matron
Domains: Grave

Titles: Astral Deceiver
Domains: Illusion

Titles: Ravager of Man
Domains: Destruction

Titles: The Mountain Breaker
Domains: Vengeance

Titles: The World Serpent
Domains: Endings

Titles: Champion of the Enduring Mountain
Domains: Strength and Endurance

Titles: Lord of the Deep
Domains: Sea

Titles: The Bone Collector
Domains: Death

Titles: Sovereign of the Sunken Silence
Domains: Forgotten Knowledge

Titles: The Barren Gale
Domains: Wrath

Titles: The Colossus Matron
Domains: Mountains and Beasts

Titles: The Sky Forger
Domains: Thunder

Titles: Molten Fury
Domains: Fire