Custom Magic Items

Leveling Magic Items

In our games, I like you to have ownership over your magic items and I also want them to feel unique, special, and important to you. To help facilitate this, custom magic items (and even some core magic items), can be leveled up in our games. What exactly can level up? Typically, I want each player to have an item that is particularly important to them, so usually a player will only have 1 item that can level up at a time. Having a conversation with me and establishing intent is a great way to let me know what you would like to build on or find in the future. Or, if not, I will introduce some from time to time to see if we can find a good fit.

How do I level up an item?

There are seven broad categories of method you could have your players pursue to level their items. When a new wielder/wearer/owner takes possession of the item, the item reverts to level 1.

Sentient Magic Items

When you have a powerful magic item, especially one with a long and storied history, there’s a chance that it may have a consciousness hidden within its depths. Sentient magic items can offer advice, guidance, power, insight, lore, and much more through developing bonds with the sentience. 

What types of sentience can an item have?