Rotanian Pantheon

About the 8 Reborn Gods

The Rotanian pantheon is an assembly of gods each ruling over their own domain, from the depths of the seas to the mysteries of the shadow weave. These deities, a diverse collective of origins and powers, are bound together by a singular, ominous fate. They exist under the oppressive shadow of a malevolent lich whose dark magic has ensnared them, turning them into living phylacteries that sustain his existence and power.

This arrangement has placed the gods in a precarious position. Though they wield great power within their respective realms, they are tethered to the will of the lich, their actions constrained by the chains of his necromantic influence. The gods' autonomy is a facade, their true agency diminished as they serve as anchors to the lich's undying spirit. They are both sovereign and subjugated, their divine essence intertwined with the lich's survival.

The fate of Rotania is inexorably linked to the existence of these gods. Their continued immortality under the lich's thrall perpetuates his reign of terror, making their potential downfall a paradoxically essential element in the salvation of the land. Should the gods fall, the lich's hold on life would weaken, offering a glimmer of hope to the mortal realm.

Thus, the pantheon exists in a state of somber irony. Their strength is the lich's safeguard; their eventual end, while a harbinger of chaos, may also herald the dawn of freedom for Rotania. The divine rulership of the land is a game of cosmic consequence, where the pieces on the board are gods themselves.

Titles: The Collector
Domains: Desire

Titles: Shogun
Domains: Water

Titles: The Forgotten God
Domains: Lore

Titles: The Val
Domains: Darkness

Titles: King of Feyt
Domains: Trickery

Titles: The Mother Tree
Domains: Life

Titles: The Fire Giant
Domains: Fire

Titles: The Glowing God
Domains: Light

About the Undying Gods

The Undying Gods, Mortis and Temporos, stand as eternal witnesses to the cyclical nature of existence in the pantheon of Rotania. Known for their resilience and integral roles in the cosmic balance, they have returned from the realm of death and beyond the constraints of time, respectively. Mortis, the God of Death, wields dominion over the end of all things, ensuring that the cycle of life and death continues unabated. Temporos, the God of Time, governs the ebb and flow of moments, past, present, and future. Together, they form an indomitable duo known as the Undying Gods, their names synonymous with the inevitable resurgence and enduring nature of life and time.

Their return to life is not merely an event but a reaffirmation of their domains' power and necessity. Each resurrection is a testament to the idea that death is but a pause and time a canvas upon which the universe continually writes. These comebacks, often sparked by dire need or the fervent prayers of their adherents, are surrounded by tales of sacrifice, renewal, and the unwavering duty they hold towards the cosmos. The Undying Gods, in their cyclical rise and fall, embody the perpetual motion of creation, destruction, and the hope that lingers in between, promising that no matter the darkness, there is always the potential for a new dawn.

Titles: The Undying
Domains: Death

Titles: The Timeless
Domains: Time

About the Lich God

The end is neigh for he has returned.

Titles: The Lich God
Domains: Decay