Sands Pantheon

About the West

The Wild pantheon is a collection of powerful beings that hold sway over the vast and untamed lands of The West. Unlike many other pantheons, these gods are known for their active presence in the mortal realm, where they freely roam the land, involving themselves in the affairs of mortals. They are revered by the inhabitants of The West, who witness firsthand the extraordinary feats and divine powers displayed by these enigmatic figures.

However, their limited interaction with other planes of existence has led to speculation and uncertainty among other pantheons. Some question whether these beings truly possess godlike status or if they are simply legendary figures, imbued with extraordinary abilities and revered as deities by the people of The West. The gods of the Wild pantheon rarely extend their influence beyond the boundaries of their realm, leaving other pantheons to wonder about their true nature.

Within the Wild pantheon, each god embodies a specific aspect or domain, such as war, fate, knowledge, or justice. Their powers are often closely tied to the rugged and untamed nature of The West, reflecting the challenges and dangers faced by those who inhabit this land. These gods are both feared and revered, their names whispered in awe and trepidation by those who seek their favor or fear their wrath.

Despite their active presence in The West, the gods of the Wild pantheon maintain an air of mystery and ambiguity. Legends and tales of their exploits spread far and wide, entwined with the history and folklore of the land. Their origins and true nature remain shrouded in uncertainty, further fueling the debate among scholars and pantheons alike.

While other pantheons question the divine status of The Wild gods, the people of The West hold them in high regard and offer them reverence and worship. These gods are seen as protectors, guides, and even enforcers of justice within the realm. Their powers and deeds are witnessed by mortals firsthand, forging a deep and unwavering belief in their divine nature.

The gods of The Wild pantheon have become an integral part of the tapestry of The West, intertwined with the lives and stories of its inhabitants. Their influence is palpable, their presence undeniable. Whether they are true gods or legendary figures elevated to divine status, the impact of the Wild pantheon on the lives of those who dwell in the untamed lands of The West cannot be denied.

Blackheart McAllister
Titles: Skinner
Domains: War

Bloodhound Ace
Titles: The Sand Wolf
Domains: Twilight

Deadshot Dawson
Titles: Tomkin's Terror
Domains: Bounty

Desert Rose
Titles: The Librarian
Domains: Knowledge

Grim Cassidy
Titles: The Gravedigger
Domains: Grave

Ironclad Winchester
Titles: Gunsmithy
Domains: Forge

Jasmin Ember
Titles: Lady Fire
Domains: Elemental (Fire)

Titles: Finality
Domains: Justice

Titles: The Hangman
Domains: Death

Sinister Kane
Titles: Vengeful Scorn
Domains: Blood

The Baroness
Titles: Widow Run
Domains: Phantom

The Colt
Titles: Rambler
Domains: Trickery

The Furnace
Titles: War Machine
Domains: Chaos and War

The Ranger
Titles: God's Hand
Domains: Arcana

The Sheriff
Titles: The Law
Domains: Justice

Two Shot
Titles: The Tracker
Domains: Fate

Viper Valentine
Titles: Poison
Domains: Civilization

Whiskey Jack
Titles: Snap Crackle Jack
Domains: Bounty

Titles: The Stranger
Domains: Knowledge

Widowmaker Westwood
Titles: Blindshot
Domains: Luck