Circle of the Tundra

Subclass of: Druid

Druids of the Circle of the Tundra find their solace and strength in the serene and relentless expanses of icy wilderness. These druids are deeply attuned to the stillness and stark beauties of the tundra, engaging in meditative practices that allow them to commune with the spirits of the land—voices of snow, ice, stone, and the elements whisper guidance and secrets to them. Through their profound connection with the cold, they gain access to a unique repertoire of spells that embody the essence of the frozen landscapes they protect, including abilities to summon the biting chill of frost and command the elements of ice and snow. Their spiritual communion extends to speaking with the spirits of nature, gaining insights and knowledge that are hidden from others. As guardians of the tundra, they wield the cold as a weapon, enhancing their beast forms with the ferocity of the frost, and cloaking themselves or allies in protective ice armor. By embracing the cold, they transcend its harshness, turning the tundra's unforgiving nature into a source of power and becoming embodiments of its indomitable spirit. 

Druids of the Circle of the Tundra seek enlightenment and oneness with nature. These druids have an appreciation of the stillness and calmness of the cold world, spending much of their free time meditating to attune to the beauty around them. While in meditation many druids from this circle even claim to hear voices whispering to them, spirits of snow, ice, stone, and beyond. Druids from this circle have grown accustomed to the harsh, unforgiving cold of the tundra, and seek to defend it by any means necessary, appreciating beauty in what many believe to be a hard and inhospitable environment.

Mushroom Homebrew

Circle Spells

2nd-level Circle of the Tundra feature

Your time spent in the frozen tundra has granted you a natural affinity with spells associated with the cold. Once you gain access to one of these spells, you always have it prepared, and it doesn’t count against the number of spells you can prepare each day. If you gain access to a spell that doesn’t appear on the druid spell list, the spell is nonetheless a druid spell for you.

2nd cryogenics, snowball
3rd frostbite, ice knife
5th sleet storm, summon dog sled
7th control water, ice storm
9th cone of cold, icy mist

Speak with Spirits

2nd-level Circle of the Tundra feature

Your time spent in the stillness of the icy tundra has opened your eyes and ears to the world around you. Your mind has now been opened to the realization that every natural occurring creature and objects such as trees, plants, mountains, volcanoes, rocks and so on possess a spirit of sorts. Touching a willing creature or a natural, non-magical object and spending a minute to listen, you close your eyes and meditate to align your spirit with the target’s spirit. After becoming one with another spirit, you may speak to it in your mind in a language that only you and the spirit comprehend. Even creatures with telepathy cannot understand this communication between the two of you. You may ask the target spirit to share information relevant to you. The spirit may act of its own accord and may not always choose to divulge information. Information a spirit can share may include, but is not limited to, events that have happened in the nearby area, creatures that have passed by, locations near the spirit, and so on.

Your state of meditation lasts for up to 1 minute. While in your state of mediation you must keep concentration or the alignment with the spirit will be broken. Once you have used this feature, you cannot align with another spirit again until you have finished a short or long rest.

Frigid Ferocity

6th-level Circle of the Tundra feature

Your attacks while in beastial forms are magically enhanced by the cold. While using wild shape your attacks deal an additional 1d6 cold damage. In addition, while in your wild shape form you are no longer susceptible to cold temperatures and automatically succeed on saving throws made to avoid exhaustion caused by cold weather effects. At 14th level the cold damage increases to 1d8.

Ice Armor

10th-level Circle of the Tundra feature

You are magically imbued with the protection of the cold. As an action you may touch one willing creature, covering its armor, clothing, or body in a thin sheet of ice. The targeted creature has a +1 bonus to its AC for 1 minute. The ice armor melts if it comes into contact with any source of heat or fire. This bonus does not stack with itself, nor does it stack with any form of magical armor bonus. You may use this feature a number of times equal to your proficiency bonus per long rest. 

Freezing Form

14th-level Circle of the Tundra feature

While in your wild shape form you have resistance to cold damage.