Primal Archetype

Subclass of: Fighter

The Primal Archetype embodies fighters who embraces the ancient ways of warfare and survival. These warriors choose to align themselves with the techniques and tools that have been abandoned by the march of progress, finding strength in the simplicity and brutality of primitive combat. By adopting the Primal Archetype, fighters seek to connect with the spirits of their ancestors, believing these ancient warriors to be unparalleled in their prowess and wisdom. Such fighters often forsake society, living in harmony with the natural world and pitting themselves against its most formidable creatures. Through mastery of ancient languages like petroglyphs, proficiency with simple weapons, and the ability to enter a ferocious battle state, these fighters embody the raw essence of combat. Their journey is one of self-reliance and respect for the old ways, as they carve their path with tools and tactics as old as time, proving that the primal spirit of battle still burns brightly in the heart of those who dare to embrace it. 

Fighters of the primal archetype turn their back on more advanced and modern weapons, tools and practices, and instead, focus on the ways of old - choosing to use weapons, tools and other survival tactics that may be considered archaic. Some fighters believe this way of living and survival aligns them closer to their ancestors, said to be amongst the strongest hunters in history. Primal fighters often abandon society and civilization, and instead live off the land and hunt powerful beasts for survival.

Petroglyph Carver

3rd-level Primal Archetype feature

You automatically add petroglyph as a language you know. Petroglyphs are thought to be a precursor to modern glyphs and sigils, but possess no known magical qualities themselves. Petroglyphs are a type of etching or drawing, usually carved into rock or stone, that are used to pass on or record information. You gain proficiency with the petroglyph kit. You are able to read petroglyphs and (if spending enough time) create your own as well. In addition, you are able to read modern glyphs and sigils to decipher their meaning by making Intelligence (Arcana) checks to do so and you are considered proficient with the arcana skill when making these checks. However, you are not able to activate or interact with any magical property that the glyph or sigil may possess, unless you have the necessary magical trait or feat to do so.

Wild Warrior

3rd-level Primal Archetype feature

While others may consider simple weapons to be archaic, you have learned their true potential. You gain the following benefits:

When you attack with your bonus action using a simple weapon as a part of two-weapon fighting, you can add your ability modifier to the damage so long as both weapons you are wielding are simple weapons. 

Feral State

7th-level Primal Archetype feature

You can use an action to enter into a state of primal ferocity. For the next 1 minute, you have a +2 bonus to attack rolls made with your simple melee weapons. Your feral state ends early if you are knocked unconscious or if your turn ends and you haven’t attacked a hostile creature since your last turn or taken damage since then. You can also end your feral state on your turn as a bonus action. You can enter into this feral state twice. You regain all expended uses after you finish a long rest.

Killer Instinct

10th-level Primal Archetype feature

You have learned to hone your weapons as instruments of death. When attacking with simple weapons, your weapon attacks score a critical hit on a roll of 18-20. In addition, attacks made with simple weapons deal an additional 1d4 damage.

Primitive Protection

15th-level Primal Archetype feature

You are more partial to wearing armor that would be considered by others to be more primitive. While wearing armor that is not made of metal you add half your proficiency bonus rounded up to your Armor Class.

Apex Predator

18th-level Primal Archetype feature

You have become the embodiment of primal power and gain the following benefits: