Titles: The Grasping Maw

Domains: Unknown

Symbol: Unknown

Alignment: CE

Power Rating: Demigod

Realms: Unknown

Vorracius rises from the depths of primeval nightmares, a monstrous entity revered and feared across the realms. This colossal being resembles a carnivorous plant, its vast, gaping maw ringed with razor-sharp teeth, ready to consume all that dare approach. Its serpentine tendrils and vibrant, otherworldly flowers suggest a complex and ancient life form, one that has thrived in the darkest corners of the world where the divide between nature and monstrosity blurs.

Whether Vorracius is a true deity or a legendary pinnacle of monstrosities is a matter of debate among scholars and hunters alike. Some believe Vorracius to be the progenitor of a host of monstrous species, an ancient and malevolent force of nature whose seed has spread across countless worlds, giving rise to creatures that strike terror into the hearts of the bravest warriors.

Followers of Vorracius, known as the Cult of the Maw, are often druids who have strayed from their paths, rangers who worship the brutal laws of the wild, or mad alchemists who seek to emulate its predatory perfection. They perform blood-soaked rituals in twisted groves, feeding the earth with sacrifices in hopes of gaining Vorracius's favor or birthing new horrors in its image.

Temples to Vorracius are rare and hidden, often taking the form of massive, overgrown ruins reclaimed by nature, where the line between the living temple and the deity it honors is indistinguishable. Here, the Cult of the Maw communes with the essence of their god, seeking to understand and harness the pure, unrelenting force of life's voracious appetite.

To invoke Vorracius is to tap into the raw, unbridled ferocity of nature, to acknowledge the savage beauty in monstrosity, and to accept the brutal truth that in the wilds, only the strongest, most cunning, and most ruthless can truly claim dominion.