The Quadrelic

Titles: The Brood

Domains: Unknown

Symbol: Unknown

Alignment: CE

Power Rating: Demigod

Realms: Unknown

The Quadrelic Horrors are a quartet of monstrous beings that have emerged from the depths of the oldest, most forgotten waters. Each one represents a cardinal element of chaos: the blue embodies the relentless storm, the green the creeping mire, the red the scalding forge, and the purple the enigmatic void.

Legend has it that the Quadrelic Horrors were born from the very first clash of the elements at the beginning of time. They are the progenitors of the most fearsome monsters that roam the land, sea, and sky. Each Horror has spawned countless offspring, instilling their essence into the world, spreading their influence far and wide.

These creatures are revered by many monstrous tribes and feared by all. To encounter one is to witness the pure essence of elemental fury. In the deepest, most sacred places of the wild, crude effigies stand in tribute to their might, offerings left in hope of appeasement or for favor in battle.

The Quadrelic Horrors are not worshipped in the traditional sense but are acknowledged as the primeval forces of nature that demand respect. They are the apex of the monstrosity pantheon, inspiring both awe and terror, as they embody the indomitable spirit and the relentless survival instinct of all creatures born of their lineage.