Titles: The Slime Prime

Domains: Unknown

Symbol: Unknown

Alignment: CE

Power Rating: Demigod

Realms: Unknown

Oozoni is a revered entity among gelatinous beings, symbolizing the ancient and elemental force from which oozes are believed to have sprung. It appears as a vast, sentient gelatinous cube, with its core in a perpetual state of flux, and eyes that burn like molten gold within its translucent mass.

Myths suggest Oozoni emerged from the discarded remnants of creation, the original ooze from which all similar creatures descended. It is the ultimate decomposer, relentlessly engulfing all things in its wake, leaving behind nothing but the promise of new growth. This entity operates beyond the realm of good and evil, driven only by its nature to consume and recycle.

Oozoni’s adherents are typically outcasts, drawn to the solitude of darkness and decay. They revere the all-consuming power of oozes and strive to imitate their deity's relentless hunger for deconstructing the works of civilization. It is whispered that rituals in Oozoni’s honor involve sacrifices of organic matter, left to be devoured and purified by the deity's gelatinous progeny.

Within the pantheon of monstrosities, Oozoni is regarded as the progenitor, the ancient one from whose form all oozes have emerged, representing the ultimate fate of all substance to be broken down and reformed in the fullness of time.