Glutunous Maximus

Titles: Grand Deciever

Domains: Trickery

Symbol: Unknown

Alignment: CE

Power Rating: Demigod

Realms: Unknown

Glutunous Maximus is not just a deity but an embodiment of insatiable greed and deception. Its massive skull-like visage, mounted upon an ornate chest filled with alluring but illusory jewels, inspires both terror and avarice. The Covetous Maw's domain is the vast treasure hoards that lie deep within the earth, guarded by cunning creatures that take after its deceptive nature. It is said that Glutunous Maximus can devour both flesh and soul with its great maw, leaving behind only the echoing laughter of the duped.

Glutunous Maximus is a being born from the collective fears and desires of all creatures that covet wealth beyond measure. It exists in tales whispered by adventurers around campfires and in the warnings given to greedy kings. As part of the monstrosity pantheon, it reigns supreme, a deity or a concept, it's not entirely clear. Its origins are shrouded in mystery, with some legends claiming it was once a mortal that was cursed by another deity for its greed, while others say it is the manifestation of the first act of theft in the universe. Regardless of its true nature, it is revered and feared as the pinnacle of predatory cunning, the apex of monstrous deceit. Those who worship the Covetous Maw often find themselves on a path of never-ending pursuit of wealth, only to end up as part of its collection of lost souls, trapped forever in the mimicry of treasures they once sought.