Titles: The Abyssal

Domains: Unknown

Symbol: Unknown

Alignment: CE

Power Rating: Demigod

Realms: Unknown

Cephalorex emerges from the darkest trenches of the ocean's abyss, a leviathan whose mere presence warps the water around it. Its visage is that of a nightmarish cephalopod, with a multitude of eyes that gleam with a malevolent intelligence and tentacles that could ensnare the mightiest of ships. Its mouth, a jagged cavern of despair, is said to be a gateway to fathomless horrors, capable of devouring both flesh and soul.

Cephalorex's origins are as mysterious as the depths from which it hails. To some, it is a deity, as ancient as the sea itself, a primordial force that commands the creatures of the deep. To others, Cephalorex is the epitome of oceanic monstrosities, a creature so fearsome and powerful that it has ascended to god-like status among its kin.

The Cult of the Abyssal Maw, Cephalorex's devoted followers, is comprised of the lost and the damned, sea witches and abyssal sirens, mariners who have escaped the jaws of death only to find madness. They worship in submerged grottoes and derelict sea caves, offering sacrifices to the depths in exchange for safe passage and bountiful hunts.

In the world of monsters, Cephalorex is both worshipped and whispered about with dread, its name a byword for the terror of the seas. The monsters that derive from this fearsome god are beings of inscrutable power and malice, each a testament to the might and majesty of their feared progenitor.

Invoking the name of Cephalorex is to call upon the ancient and unfathomable power of the sea, to draw from the well of darkness that lies beneath the rolling waves. It is a pact with the abyss, a communion with the oldest and most terrifying of the world's monsters.