Cerebrumax the Flenline

Titles: The All-Thought

Domains: Unknown

Symbol: Unknown

Alignment: CE

Power Rating: Demigod

Realms: Unknown

Cerebrumax is a being of immense psychic power, an entity whose intellect is as vast as the endless depths of the ocean. It looms over the world below, its writhing tendrils pulsating with the collective consciousness of a thousand whispers. Its eyes glow with the fire of knowledge, burning through the veils of reality.

The origin of Cerebrumax is shrouded in enigmatic lore. Some say it was once a creature of flesh and blood, which transcended its physical form through arcane experimentation and the absorption of psychic energies. Others believe it to be the embodiment of the first thought that ever was—a primordial force that has always existed, watching over the world from the shadows.

Cerebrumax’s presence is most strongly felt in the silent places of the world, where thoughts can be heard echoing in the stillness. Temples dedicated to the All-Thought are filled with silent adepts, who seek to commune with this elder brain god and gain a fraction of its boundless insight.

As part of the monstrosity pantheon, Cerebrumax is revered and feared. It is the silent watcher, the keeper of secrets, and the whisperer of fates. Its worshippers seek it for divine inspiration, while its adversaries dread its ability to unravel minds with a mere flicker of its infinite awareness.