Titles: The Hunger

Domains: Unknown

Symbol: Unknown

Alignment: CE

Power Rating: Demigod

Realms: Unknown

Gravemaw embodies the raw and voracious appetite of the wild. With its gaping maw and gnashing teeth, it is said to consume not just flesh, but the very essence of life. Its body, covered in patches of ragged fur and gnarled muscle, is a testament to its savage nature and indomitable hunger.

The tales of Gravemaw are as old as the oral traditions that speak of the night and the terrors that lurk within it. Whispered to be born from the first nightmare, Gravemaw is a creature—or a god—that personifies the primal fear of being hunted, of being prey to something unseen and ravenous.

The monstrosities that hail from Gravemaw are creatures of insatiable hunger and relentless pursuit. They are the apex predators in a world unseen by the light of day, where the rules of the hunt are etched in blood and shadow.

To those that revere the Hunger Eternal, Gravemaw is a symbol of the natural order at its most brutal. They worship in places where the veil is thin, where the feeling of something watching from the dark is strongest. To call upon Gravemaw is to invoke the predatory spirit, to become the embodiment of the hunt, and to accept the endless void of hunger as one's own.