Titles: The Amorphous Vanguard

Domains: Unknown

Symbol: Unknown

Alignment: CE

Power Rating: Demigod

Realms: Unknown

Geluminus is an enigmatic figure among the monstrosities, a guardian spirit revered in the tales of the formless and the shapeless. With a body that defies the constraints of solid form, this entity is said to wield the power of transformation and the unpredictable nature of the depths from whence it came.

Tales speak of Geluminus arising from the primordial ooze that underlies the world's crust, a being of great power and ancient wisdom. It is said to be the progenitor of all oozes, slimes, and other amorphous entities, imbuing its offspring with a fraction of its protean might.

Worshipped by few, feared by many, Geluminus is a paradoxical symbol of both stability and change. Its worshippers include alchemists, shapeshifters, and those who seek protection in the ever-changing world. They offer it vials of rare substances and conduct rituals in secluded, humid places where the barriers of form are thin.

As the apex of its kind, Geluminus is both a creature to be placated and a potent symbol of the transformative power of nature, reminding all that form is temporary and all life returns to the formless essence from which it came.