Randisimo, or "Randi" as his friends call him, is an imposing Giff with a distinct air of intellectual curiosity mixed with a dash of recklessness. He is an artificer who's better suited for intellect and gut feeling over practiced magic. Originating from the astral plane, Randi was always fascinated by the workings of interdimensional travel. When he found the opportunity to buy a ticket on an astral train, he couldn't resist the chance to explore new realms. Landing in Idoham, a dwarven city in the land of Rotania, seemed like a new beginning, but fate had different plans.

Shortly after his arrival, the train malfunctioned, leaving Randi stranded. With no other option, he decided to make the best of his new life on the Material Plane. Adaptability was his forte, and he soon became a curious sight in Rotania. Dwarves, generally skeptical of outsiders, were fascinated by his expertise in mechanics, albeit less enthused by his disregard for religious protocols. This irreverence caught the ire of the vengeful gods that held sway over Rotania and put him at odds with the religious communities, which he never fully understood nor respected.

This friction didn't go unnoticed by Ketchy, a Grung artificer and a member of the Chrono Mortis Hourglass Coven. Intrigued by Randi's prowess and his knack for getting under the skin of gods, Ketchy recruited him into the coven. Their mission, to banish malevolent gods and the lich they protected, seemed like an intriguing challenge for Randi. His roles within the coven were many: recruiter, scout, and most notably, an arms maker. He became the coven's linchpin for magical and mechanical innovation.

Two inventions stood out in particular. The first was a collaborative effort with Ketchy; a potion launcher that could administer potions from a distance, revolutionizing the way the coven could support its members in combat. The second was a stroke of pure genius, something Randi dubbed the "Revolver of Wonder." This wasn't your average firearm; its bullets were imbued with various spells, making every shot a roll of the arcane dice.

When tragedy befell the coven, claiming the lives of Ketchy and Yhorim of the Betas during a skirmish, Randi felt a duty to continue the mission they started. He transitioned his services to the Betas, serving as their artificer. With his gadgets and unpredictable weaponry, Randi became an asset the Betas didn't know they needed but soon couldn't imagine being without.

It's an arduous path to dismantle the gods but Randisimo finds a sense of purpose in this chaos, one shot of a magic-imbued bullet at a time.