Quick Stats:

Creature Type: Monstrosity
Size: Medium
Speed: 30ft walking, 30ft flying
Language: Common
AC: 18 and unable to wear armor
Abilities: Charisma -1, Constitution -2, Dexterity +2, Wis/Str +1 (Depends on Type)
Skills: Perception +2
Special: Bee/Wasp sting

Bee and Wasp Folk

Apoideans are humanlike bee creatures. They are bipedal and have normal arm and hand appendages as humans do, though some have an extra set of arms under the common pair. All apoideans have a thorax with a stinger on it, though there is variation to them. Some Apoideans get their features from bees while others are more wasplike. All Apoideans are covered in chitin and have no need for armor. Apoideans are typically some variation of black and/or yellow. 

Ability Score Increases

Apoideans get -1 to Charisma and -2 Constitution, and +2 to Dexterity. 


You can speak, read, and write Common.

Creature Type

You are considered a Monstrosity.

Life Span

The typical life span of a Bee and Wasp Folk is roughly 30 years.

Height and Weight

Height ranges from 4.5ft - 6ft. Weight ranges from 80lbs - 150lbs.

Apoideans (Bee and Wasp Folk) Traits

As a Bee or Wasp Folk, you have the following racial traits.

Creature Type

You are a Monstrosity.


Your size is Medium.


Your walking speed is 30ft and your flying speed is 30ft.

Apoidean Type

You may choose to be either a Bee or a Wasp. Both contain unique advantages.

Bee Apoideans

These Apoideans get more of their traits from bees. While covered in chitin they do have fur usually around the neck and in various other spots between chitin plates. Their thoraxes tend to be more rounded and bulbous with barbed stingers. These Apoideans are herbivores.

Bee Sting (Only Females)

A piercing melee attack dealing 1d4 piercing damage and (DC10+Wis modifier Con Save)1d4 poison damage, will also grapple any creatures of a lesser size than the Apoidean. 

Ability Traits

In addition to common Apoidean Traits, Bee Apoideans have +1 Wisdom


Wasp Apoideans


These Apoideans share their traits with wasps and are more warriorlike than their bee counterparts. Their stingers are more slender with a more pointed and strong stinger. They tend to be hairless but there is variation amongst them. 

 Wasp Sting (Only Females)

A piercing melee attack dealing 1d8 piercing damage and (DC10+Wisdom modifier Con Save)can cause enemy to become nauseous and incapacitated for 3 turns or until they make a Con save. 

Ability Traits

In addition to common Apoidean Traits, Wasp Apoideans have +1 Strength

Chitin Armor

All Apoideans are covered in chitinous plates that protect them and also prevent them from adorning other armor. Armor Class is set to 18 and can only be increased by spells, not by additional armor.

Compound Eyes

All Apoideans have compound eyes giving them a +2 to perception rolls.