Ferrick after losing his fur coloring due to a connection with a magical Moonstone Rod.

Ferrick when he first began his travels.

Ferrick as the Betas began the burden of removing the gods.

Ferrick, a Harengon born into a vast family of 400 siblings, felt an overwhelming desire to forge his own path and find his unique purpose in the world. Drawn by the whispers of grandeur and the prospect of discovering his true destiny, Ferrick set his sights on the fabled land of Rotania, where gods walked among mortals and untold mysteries awaited.

Upon his arrival in Rotania, Ferrick's ears were filled with an ethereal voice that seemed to call out to him, promising power and influence in exchange for his unwavering service. Driven by curiosity and an insatiable hunger for knowledge, Ferrick willingly accepted the offer, unaware of the true identity of the being with whom he had struck a pact.

Under the guise of Mr. Diggs, Ferrick's enigmatic benefactor, he would later learn that he had forged a connection with Iso Mi, a deity long believed to have perished. Iso Mi, known as the god of death, instructed Ferrick to immerse himself in the secrets of Rotania, particularly focusing on the search for ancient and powerful artifacts that needed to be destroyed for the greater good.

Seeking to expand his understanding of magic and the arcane arts, Ferrick enrolled at the prestigious school of Oddberg, concealing his true nature as a warlock behind the facade of a wizard student. It was within the hallowed halls of Oddberg that Ferrick crossed paths with Chitter, a talented Kenku wizard, and a strong bond formed between them.

Their time together would be cut short when his friend was expelled from Oddberg. Shortly after, Ferrick embarked on a journey to locate and eliminate these perilous artifacts. As fate would have it, his path intersected with that of Chitter again, leading to a joyful reunion and a deepening of their friendship. Chitter would inform him that his younger brother, Peter, had ventured to Rotania alongside Kraig and Borg, two allies of Chitter. The timing of their encounters seemed to be perpetually misaligned, as Ferrick's reunion came on the heels of Peter's death.

Recognizing their aligned goals, Ferrick eagerly joined forces with the Betas, lending his magical prowess and knowledge in their quest to vanquish the artifacts that threatened the land.

Amidst their perilous adventures, the Betas eventually came face to face with Mr. Diggs, only to discover that he was, in fact, Iso Mi, the deity Ferrick had unknowingly formed a pact with. Iso Mi, now going by the name Mortis, divulged his true nature and shared crucial information with the group. He revealed that he had saved Ferrick's brother Peter from the clutches of death itself, reuniting the siblings and igniting a renewed sense of purpose within Ferrick's heart.

However, the light of hope would be overshadowed by a tragedy of unimaginable proportions. Borg, one of Ferrick's newfound allies, fell prey to the influence of a malevolent Lich, resulting in the horrific loss of Mortis and his followers. The weight of despair settled upon Ferrick's shoulders, but even in the face of unimaginable sorrow, he knew that he had a duty to fulfill.

In a heart-wrenching confrontation, Ferrick found himself confronted by his twisted brother, Peter, who had been transformed into a living puppet under Borg's malevolent control. Trapped between loyalty and mercy, Ferrick made the agonizing decision to release his beloved brother from his torment, granting him the mercy of a merciful death.

Haunted by the memory of this bittersweet sacrifice, Ferrick's resolve only strengthened. With each artifact destroyed, with every foe vanquished, he grew more determined to fulfill his duty and protect the people of Rotania from the horrors that lurked in the shadows. Guided by the lessons learned, Ferrick pressed forward, his arcane powers and unwavering spirit ready to face whatever darkness awaited, holding onto the hope that one day, he would find solace amidst the echoes of his brother's memory.