NPC Companion Level

Companion Levels Explained

We will be using a measurable metric for the level an NPC is loyal or not to you. If they are masking or pretending, that may be revealed from a successful insight check. An NPC can start anywhere on the scale and depending on their behavior, may move more erratic than others.

0 - Hostile (Kill on Sight): The NPC is extremely aggressive and will attack the player characters on sight without any provocation.

1 - Aggressive: The NPC won't necessarily attack on sight but is highly confrontational and may become violent with the slightest provocation.

2 - Unfriendly: The NPC is not openly hostile but is cold, uncooperative, and generally displeased with the player characters.

3 - Suspicious: The NPC is distrustful and wary of the player characters, expecting harm or deceit and acting defensively.

4 - Indifferent: The NPC has no strong feelings toward the player characters and acts primarily out of self-interest or apathy.

5 - Neutral: The NPC is balanced in their view of the player characters, possibly open to conversation but without any bias or investment.

6 - Amiable: The NPC is friendly and cooperative, willing to help the player characters within reason and generally holds a positive view of them.

7 - Friendly: The NPC supports and aids the player characters, showing genuine care for their well-being and is quite willing to offer assistance.

8 - Loyal: The NPC is deeply committed to the player characters, showing steadfast loyalty and willing to take significant risks to help or protect them.

9 - Devoted: The NPC is devoted to the wellbeing and success of the player characters, placing your needs and desires at the forefront of their actions.

10 - Romantically Involved: The NPC has developed a deep, personal, and romantic bond with one or more of the player characters, marked by mutual affection and commitment.

Examples of each:

0 - Zoren

1 - Borg

2 - MOTH

3 - Azhaland's Princess

4 - Kheasal's Royalty

5 - Salem's Leadership

6 - Hag Sisters

7 - Bob Bob

8 - Dwayne

9 - Ketchy

10 - X