Quick Stats:

Creature Type: Humanoid
Size: Medium
Speed: 30ft Walking, 40ft Swimming
Language: Common and Aquan
Sense: Darkvision
AC: Increased by Constitution Modifier when Unarmored
Proficiencies: Charisma
Advantages: Intimidation
Saving Throw: Charisma Advantage and Constitution Advantage
Special: Glowing light


Lophiiforms (Anglerfolk) are a race of deep sea dwelling creatures, they have a bioluminescent lure on their forehead used to attract prey and intimidate predators. They have been known to severe the lure from their body and use it in creative ways to intimidate and lure in prey. They have a dark, scale-covered skin that helps them blend into their dark underwater environment, sharp teeth, and claws to hold their prey. Physically they have a sturdy build and are capable swimmers. They are a reclusive race and are often seen as solitary hunters but are fiercely loyal to their own kind. Despite their intimidating appearance, they have a love for treasure and a fascination for the unknown, leading some to adventure on land in search of wealth and knowledge.



Lophiiforms (Angler Folk) Traits


You are at home in the dark. When in the dark, you can see in shades of gray for 60ft. When underwater in the dark, this is extended to 90ft.

Glowing Light

Anglerfolk have a glowing orb that they are born with. Some, severe it from their body and attach it to weapons, armor, or other uses. The orb continues to be linked to you and glows a faint glow up to 15 feet. As a bonus action, the glow of the orb can lure in creatures with a Wisdom saving throw and be forced to walk toward the light on a failure. This ability can be used equal to your Charisma modifier, minimum of 1. The orb must be within 30 feet of the Anglerfolk or the orb loses its light. Anglerfolk can regrow a lost orb over the course of 3 days. A lost orb loses all properties. 

The lure has an AC of 6 + your dexterity modifier. The health is 10hp. If the light is destroyed, you may either heal it, short rest (d4 hit die), or long rest.

Unsettling Visage

You have advantage on Intimidation. 


Common and Aquan.

Natural Armor

You have tough skin. Your unarmored AC is increased by your Constitution modifier.

Angler Charm

When a creature can see your angler light, and has never been harmed by yourself or your known allies, you may cast Charm Person an amount of times equal to your Charisma modifier, minimum of 1. If you have intimidated the target in the last 24 hours, the effect automatically fails.

You gain proficiency in Charisma and Constitution saving throws as well as Charisma ability checks.