Quick Stats:

Creature Type: Humanoid
Size: Medium
Speed: 30ft Walking, 30ft Swimming
Language: Common and Aquan
Proficiencies: Persuasion, 3 Choice (Saving Throw, Ability, and Instrument/Tool/Ability)
Advantages: Acrobatics (In water), Stealth (Unarmored)
Saving Throw: Dexterity Advantage (In water)
Special: Venomous Tail


Myliobat are a race of humanoid stingrays with a grace and agility unmatched by most other races. They have a distinctive, flat body covered in smooth, pearl-like skin with a flexible, whip-like tail tipped with a venomous barb. Their limbs are slender and their fingers are webbed, allowing them to swim with ease. Their eyes are large and expressive, set in a wide face, and they have a small, toothless mouth.

Myliobat are gentle creatures by nature, preferring to use their venomous tails as a defensive weapon rather than for attack. They are peaceful and prefer to avoid conflict, but will fiercely protect their family and communities if threatened.

Myliobat have a strong connection to the water and the creatures that live within it. They have a rich cultural history and are skilled in weaving and other crafts that utilize the materials they gather from the ocean. Many Myliobat travel to the surface in search of adventure and new experiences, eager to explore the world and share their wisdom and artistry with others.

Myliobat (Ray Folk) Traits


You have a walking and swimming speed of 30.


Common and Aquan.

Natural Swimmer

While in water, you have advantage on acrobatics and Dexterity Saving Throws.

Venomous Tail

Myliobat have a venomous barb on their tail, which they can use to make a melee weapon attack that deals 1d6 piercing damage as a bonus action.


Myliobat have advantage on Dexterity (Stealth) checks while unarmored, unclothed, or significant skin shown to DM's discretion

Gentle Soul

Myliobat have a natural disposition towards peaceful resolution of conflicts and have proficiency in the Persuasion skill.

Capable Mind

Ray Folk are naturally capable and often have many skills. Choose 3 proficiencies. One saving throw, one skill, and one skill/ability.