Zion (Arthur Pennyham)

In the ancient land of Orathia, there once lived a man named Arthur Pennyham. He was a devoted priest who worshipped the god Timothy, known for his wisdom and guidance. Arthur led a humble life as a sailor, traversing the vast seas, spreading the word of Timothy to the distant shores he visited.

However, fate took a grim turn when the wicked Lich unleashed the catastrophic event known as the reaping upon Orathia. The country was plunged into chaos, its lands ravaged, and its people subjected to untold suffering. In the face of this calamity, both Arthur and Timothy found themselves cornered and desperate for survival.

With their lives hanging in the balance, Arthur and Timothy made a fateful decision. They pledged themselves to the Lich, forsaking their previous beliefs in exchange for continued existence. As the Lich remade the shattered remnants of Orathia into a twisted realm called Rotania, Timothy's influence waned, and he was eventually discovered by a charismatic figure named Zaxon.

Zion, as Arthur now called himself, became Zaxon's loyal right hand, assuming the position of Jarl and leading the town of Ingenia under Zaxon's authority. Zion's experiences as a sailor gave him a calling back to the sea so he chose to take charge of the navy, becoming the captain of a formidable fleet that sailed the treacherous seas.

However, conflicts and disagreements began to erode Zion's bond with both Zaxon and his best friend, Bob Bob. Their ideals clashed, and Zion found himself at odds with the path Zaxon had chosen. In a dramatic turn of events, Arthur assisted Bob Bob in a plot to assassinate Zaxon, forever altering the course of his own life.

The death of Zaxon left Zion burdened with guilt and a heavy heart. His actions had shattered friendships and tainted his honor. Consumed by remorse, Zion yearned for an end to his suffering and sought solace in the depths of despair. Fate seemed to answer his plea when his fleet, his symbol of power and purpose, was lost to the wrath of a mighty kraken, leaving Zion as the sole survivor.

Alone and broken, Zion wandered until he chanced upon Bob Bob once again. Overwhelmed by his anguish, Zion pleaded with his former friend to grant him a merciful death. However, Bob Bob, torn between duty and lingering affection, could not bring himself to end Zion's life. Instead, he agreed to erase Zion's memories, hoping to grant him a chance at a new beginning, free from the shackles of guilt and remorse.

With his memories wiped clean, Zion embarked on a new journey, a wanderer in search of his forgotten identity and lost honor. He found temporary refuge among a group of undead controlled by a local necromancer, but their alliance eventually crumbled, leaving Zion adrift once more. Originally taken as a prisoner, Zion found himself in the presence of the Betas. Drawn to their cause and sensing an opportunity to reclaim his memories and restore his honor, Zion willingly joined the Betas on their quest, hoping that their shared experiences and trials would lead him back to the truth of his past.

And so, Zion, a man stripped of his memories but filled with a burning desire for redemption, set off on an epic adventure alongside the Betas, his true identity and the depths of his past hidden within, waiting to be uncovered.