Legends of Lore

In a world of adventure and intrigue, an adventurer choses to retire opens a tavern after his final dungeon where he collects his prized possession, a wooden chair. From this chair, the now tavern keeper shares his stories with his patrons. The chair itself however, holds a secret. This legend is credited with the reason why so many adventurers claim taverns to be a safe and protected space.

Few tales are as intriguing and shrouded in mystery as that of Korn, who is said to have survived the dreaded Death Decay. His story, passed down through hushed whispers and fragmented records, has become a beacon of faint hope in a world where the Death Decay is synonymous with certain death.

Marina is a famous pirate's tale the often was told between sailors during tough times as a way of remembering that within the sea of monsters, there is one out there that will protect them, as long as you do right by them. This legend inspired the ship adornment of a mermaid on the bow, the idea of paying 10% tribute to the sea, and the belief that it is bad luck to attack a ship that lowers a row boat during battle.