The Pirate Mermaid


Marina is a famous pirate's tale the often was told between sailors during tough times as a way of remembering that within the sea of monsters, there is one out there that will protect them, as long as you do right by them. This legend inspired the ship adornment of a mermaid on the bow, the idea of paying 10% tribute to the sea, and the belief that it is bad luck to attack a ship that lowers a row boat during battle.

Long ago, in the treacherous waters of the pirate-infested seas, a crew of ruthless pirates set sail in search of riches and adventure. One fateful day, their ship encountered a monstrous mermaid, a creature of legends, guarding a mysterious treasure chest. The pirates, driven by greed, engaged in a fierce battle with the mermaid, eventually overpowering her and claiming victory. They eagerly opened the chest, only to discover a sight that would forever change their lives.

Within the treasure chest lay a baby mermaid, nestled and protected by her mother's treasure. The crew was taken aback, realizing their terrible mistake. The captain, hardened by a life of piracy, initially ordered the baby mermaid to be killed. However, something stirred within him—a flicker of compassion, a glimpse of humanity.

"We didn't know any better," one of the crewmen said, swallowing nervously as he presented the chest to the captain. "What do we do now?"

"Kill it," the captain replied coldly, but his eyes betrayed a hint of hesitation.

The first mate, filled with desperation, pleaded with the captain, hoping to avoid a confrontation. "We can't," she said firmly. "We can't. We... I won't. We won't."

The captain's icy facade wavered, and he silently nodded in agreement.

Years passed, and the baby mermaid grew under the care of the pirate crew. She became known as the First Pirate Mermaid, an enigmatic being who possessed a mesmerizing voice and an unusual accent that spoke of her aquatic origins. The crew doted on her, diving near shorelines to gather shellfish she loved, laughing when she playfully splashed them with her powerful tail. They had come to love her as their own.

"Daddy," she called out, floating in a tub filled with seawater in the ship's hold. The storm raged outside, threatening to engulf the vessel. The crew worried for their lives, but their greatest concern was for the safety of the young mermaid.

"Don't worry," her father, the captain, assured her, joining her by the tub. The first mate stood nearby, pretending not to notice as her voice softly began to sing, a soothing melody to calm the storm's fury.

As she grew older, the First Pirate Mermaid started questioning her place among the crew. One day, as she leaned against the dock, watching the sunset's golden hues meld with the glittering sea, she asked her father a profound question.

"Why am I here, Father?" she inquired, her eyes searching for answers in the depths of his gaze.

"Your mother abandoned you," he replied, as he had always done. "We found you adrift and couldn't bear to leave you behind."

She toyed with the salt-soaked boards beneath her, her ebony hair tied back, revealing the delicate tendrils of a kraken tattoo that adorned her shoulder and arm. She had become a fierce warrior, bearing the scars of battles fought with pride. "Alright," she acquiesced, though a sense of longing lingered in her voice.

Seeking a deeper truth, she turned to the first mate, who had become her confidante over the years. They shared a bond, a connection formed through love and shared experiences.

"Why am I really here?" the mermaid asked, her eyes fixed on the horizon as the sun dipped below the waves.

The first mate stared into the water, contemplating the weight of her response. "We didn't know any better," she confessed, her voice tinged with remorse. "We couldn't fathom the value your mother placed on her treasure, the preciousness she protected."

A flicker of anger threatened to rise within the mermaid, but she quelled it, understanding the depths of their remorse. "It's alright," she assured them. "I do have a family, after all."

The years passed, and the First Pirate Mermaid became an unstoppable force, adorned with tattoos that marked her as a formidable being of the sea. Her size surpassed that of any human, requiring a boat to lift her out of the water when she wished to come aboard. She sang to calm storms, guiding the ship to safety, and fought off sea beasts with her immense strength, bearing the scars of those encounters as badges of honor.

On two crucial occasions, their ship faced perilous threats. The mermaid peered through a spyglass, assessing the situation, while the crew watched her with unwavering trust.

"We shouldn't fight him," the first mate advised, referring to a friend-turned-enemy who posed a formidable challenge. "He'll win."

Curiosity sparked within the mermaid's eyes. "Are you sure?" she questioned, her voice carrying an air of confidence.

To everyone's astonishment, the enemy fleet surrendered after their flagship was destroyed, with tales of a monstrous sea serpent crushing their vessel. The surviving crew, wild-eyed and delirious, recounted their harrowing encounter, unaware that their salvation had come in the form of the mermaid. The captain apologized to his daughter for doubting her abilities.

"Don't worry," she reassured them with a bright laugh. "It was fun."

Another time, their ship was forced into the path of a powerful royal fleet. Escape seemed impossible, and the crew braced themselves for the inevitable clash. Sensing the impending danger, the mermaid urged the crew to lower a boat, her massive form filling it entirely. With the crew's assistance, she climbed aboard, wrapping her serpentine body around the ship's bow.

With the storm howling around her, the mermaid raised herself above the water, using her voice to enchant the royal navy. Captivated by her song, the sailors became immobile, their ships at the mercy of the winds and tides. The pirates sailed through the disoriented fleet, leaving them bewildered and powerless in their wake.

The mermaid became their guardian, defending the ship with a harpoon and launcher instead of guns. She would board enemy vessels, using her immense size to overpower her opponents. Her loyalty to her newfound family knew no bounds. 

"You know we are dying," the captain said, looking down at his daughter, his voice heavy with resignation.

She floated next to the ship, her massive form capable of cradling it in her arms. Wise eyes, as deep as the ocean itself, met his gaze. "I know," she replied softly. "I can feel it drawing near."

The first mate stood beside the captain, her love for the mermaid equalling his paternal affection. Though they had never had a lover or a child of their own, they saw the mermaid as their daughter. Dark tattoos adorned her skin, intertwining with the spikes and webbing on her body, an embodiment of her strength.

"We love you," the first mate said simply, tears glistening in her eyes. Her tightly coiled hair fell around her face, but she brushed it away, a smile breaking through her sadness. The captain fought to hide his own tears.

"I love you too," the mermaid replied, raising her massive form to cradle the ship, if only for a fleeting moment.

"Guard the ship," the captain said, his voice filled with both command and plea. "You have always done so, but now they are lost without you."

"Without you," the mermaid corrected with a shrug that sent waves rippling through the water. "What will we do?"

The captain sighed, unsure of what the future held. "I don't know," he admitted. "But you'll help them, won't you?"

"Of course, I will," she scoffed, rolling her eyes playfully. "I will always protect my family."

As the captain and first mate passed away, the ship found itself under the command of a new captain—a young and fearless leader who revered the sea and its mysteries. The new captain approached the First Pirate Mermaid, unafraid of her power.

"You know, I heard stories about you when I was a little girl," the new captain said, trailing her fingers in the water beside the dock.

The mermaid stared at her with a single, massive eye, her expression curious. "Is that so?" she hummed, a mischievous smirk crossing her lips, revealing rows of teeth as sharp as swords.

"They said you could sink an entire fleet and that you had skin tougher than dragon scales," the new captain continued, grinning back at the mermaid, undeterred by her intimidating presence. "I always thought they were telling tall tales."

The mermaid's smile widened, her dark eyes gleaming beneath the linen sail tied around her hair. "And now?"

"They were right," the new captain declared with confidence. "How did they ever befriend you?"

The mermaid's laughter echoed across the water, blending with the sounds of the sea. "They didn't know any better," she replied, her voice brimming with fondness and understanding.

And so, the First Pirate Mermaid continued to protect and guide her pirate family. She sailed alongside them, an unyielding force of nature, with a heart as vast as the ocean itself. She taught them the true meaning of family, loyalty, and the importance of redemption. And in their journey together, they discovered that the greatest treasures lie not in gold or jewels but in the bonds we forget and the love we share.

It is said that the mermaid adornment on the bow of a ship is to honor The Pirate Mermaid and wish for her to protect them.