The Kenku Sorcerer


Few tales are as intriguing and shrouded in mystery as that of Korn, who is said to have survived the dreaded Death Decay. His story, passed down through hushed whispers and fragmented records, has become a beacon of faint hope in a world where the Death Decay is synonymous with certain death.

Korn's Background: Korn was known as a formidable sorcerer, whose thirst for knowledge and mastery over arcane arts was unmatched. His life took a dramatic turn when he embarked on a perilous quest to slay a monstrous beast that had been terrorizing nearby villages. In preparation for his confrontation, Korn devised an unprecedented spell, a masterpiece of magical innovation he named "Greater Sanctuary." This spell was a formidable ward, said to render its caster immune to all forms of physical harm, magical afflictions, and conditions. It was Korn's magnum opus, a spell that pushed the boundaries of known magic.

As Korn tracked down the beast, his journey led him to the lair of a powerful and reclusive wizard. To Korn's horror, he discovered the beast was the wizard's cherished pet. In a fit of rage, the wizard attacked Korn with a bolt of dark energy. Korn, confident in his abilities, attempted to counter the spell. But it was no spell; it was the Death Decay, sometimes called The Withering, a curse so potent and malignant that no known magic could thwart it. Struck by the Decay, Korn braced for the worst. But, miraculously, the Withering did not take hold. The Greater Sanctuary spell, enveloping him in its protective embrace, had shielded him from the curse's deadly touch. Korn fled, narrowly escaping with his life, his belief in his spell's power deeply reinforced.

Triumphantly returning from his quest, Korn's tale of survival against the Withering spread far and wide. However, the knowledge of the Greater Sanctuary spell was lost to time. Seeking solitude and a place to further his arcane research, Korn traveled to the mystical land of Orathia. Mere decades after his arrival, Orathia faced a cataclysm, taking with it the last known practitioner of the Greater Sanctuary spell.

His tale, while little known, is told as a story of hope against insurmountable odds and the relentless pursuit of knowledge. To this day, many adventurers and scholars have sought to travel to Orathia's ruins, now called Rotania, hoping to uncover lost arcane knowledge, and perhaps, the secret of the Greater Sanctuary spell that once defied the grasp of the Withering.