Titles: The Fair Dealer

Domains: Wishes

Symbol: A pair of balanced scales, with one side subtly lower than the other.

Alignment: CE

Power Rating: Intermediate

Realms: Unknown

Zazoo is a cunning and deceptive goddess, adorned in long sweeping black robes. Her eyes glint with mischief and avarice. Though she portrays herself as a benevolent granter of wishes, she is notorious for trapping her followers in impossible deals and twisting their desires to her own benefit.

In ancient times, Zazoo was a mortal woman renowned for her unparalleled cunning and quick wit. She lived in a city governed by strict laws and unforgiving gods. When the city faced a great calamity, Zazoo devised a daring plan to trick a god into lifting the curse. Disguised as a humble priestess, she offered the god a deal that appeared to benefit both parties but was rigged with fine print and double meanings. Ensnared by her trickery, the god fulfilled his end of the bargain, and the city was saved.

Outraged upon discovering the deception, the god convened a council of deities to decide Zazoo's fate. The irony was not lost on them; Zazoo had deceived a deity with a deceptive bargain, and it seemed fitting to trap her in a similar paradox. They transformed her into a goddess and gave her dominion over wishes, contracts, and, most of all, deception. Her powers would forever lure mortals into impossible deals, inescapable contracts, and false hopes—just as she had done to a god.

Though Zazoo relished her newfound divine status, she quickly realized that her domain was a double-edged sword. Her power depended on a continuous cycle of deception and treachery; without it, her divine essence would wane. Trapped in this eternal cycle, she embraced her role, perfecting her art of misleading mortals and even other gods.

However, the council of gods implanted a final twist into her divine form—a compulsive need to honor contracts, even if she could make them tortuously unfair. This constant tension between her cunning nature and her enforced word made her an unpredictable force. Some say it's her divine punishment to occasionally see a clever mortal turn a twisted contract to their own favor, but these instances are rare. For the most part, Zazoo relishes in her wicked games, forever luring souls into her intricate web of deception.