Titles: Eye of Omnipotent Intrigue

Domains: Crime

Symbol: An intricately detailed eye surrounded by arcane glyphs and shadowy tentacles.

Alignment: CE 

Power Rating: Unknown

Realms: Unknown

Once a notorious beholder crime lord and leader of Xanathar's Thieves' Guild, Xanathar ascended to a form of divinity through an object of incalculable power. This eye tyrant is consumed by an insatiable curiosity and a quest for omniscience. Surprisingly, his most treasured companion in this quest is his goldfish, Sylgar. Despite his newfound god-like abilities, he remains as ruthless and calculating as before, with a sprawling menagerie of those who have dared to cross him.

Xanathar was not born a god but became something akin to one. His journey from crime lord to deity was sparked by his obsessive hunt for an artifact of immeasurable power. After decades of meticulous planning and strategic alliances, he found it. The artifact's divine energies surged through him, altering him fundamentally.

"The Great Unveiling" - A day when Xanathar leaked secrets of several gods and mortal leaders simultaneously across multiple realms, causing chaos and asserting his divine power.