Titles: The Mad Artillerist

Domains: Chaos

Symbol: A dead red spider.

Alignment: CE (toward insects)

Power Rating: Quasi-deity

Realms: Unknown

Vlucknar is a vengeful deity of extermination, obsessed with the annihilation of spiders and insects. His head is concealed by the hollowed-out carapace of a gigantic red spider, a trophy from one of his many hunts. Though his demeanor toward other beings might be indifferent or even generous, his cruelty knows no bounds when it comes to insects. He is known for his sadistic satisfaction in exterminating them through his immense arsenal of divinely enchanted weapons.

Rumor has it that Vlucknar was once a mortal hunter who was bitten by a venomous spider. The event catalyzed not just a phobia but an all-consuming hatred for all spiders and insects. His prowess and dedication attracted the attention of darker gods, who granted him divine powers for reasons known only to them.

"The Great Infestation Purge" - A city once faced an unexplained, massive infestation of deadly spiders. The people, in desperation, prayed to Vlucknar. That night, the sky rained fire, and by morning, not a single spider or insect remained alive in the city... neither did the people... but the insects were gone!