Titles: The Purple Knight

Domains: Arcana

Symbol: A purple knight's helmet superimposed over a beast's skull and a spellbook.

Alignment: CG

Power Rating: Demigod

Realms: Astral

A heavily armored knight suffused with arcane energy, The Purple Knight is a physical manifestation of both martial prowess and magical might. He is a figure shrouded in mystery, covered head to toe in ornate purple armor. His visor is never lifted, his true face known to none. The Purple Knight is a lone crusader, famous for his quests to defeat titanic beasts and mythical creatures. His ultimate quest, however, is the relentless pursuit of a phylactery belonging to a lich who betrayed him long ago.

Little is known about the origins of the Purple Knight. Stories suggest he was once a mortal man who was wronged by a lich. Fueled by a desire for vengeance and justice, he has since dedicated himself to purging the world of such malevolent beings, although his primary goal remains unachieved.

"The Fall of the Thunderdrake" - It is said that a dragon capable of calling forth storms was terrorizing kingdoms. The Purple Knight appeared and, after a battle that lasted three days and nights, slew the beast, leaving only its humbled skull as a monument.

Associated Magic Items

Arcane Gauntlet
A purple gauntlet that grants the wearer the ability to cast "Counterspell" once per day as well as imbue their weapon attacks with additional force damage. It also has a special ability to sense the presence of phylacteries within a specific range.