Titles: Just a Lil' Guy

Domains: Arcana (Shadowmancy)

Symbol: A winking eye shrouded in shadows.

Alignment: CN

Power Rating: Quasi-diety

Realms: Unknown

Wrapped in shadows and a constant sense of mischief, this deity is an enigmatic figure who manipulates chaos and illusions. Not much is known about him, including his real name, but he has a fondness for sowing confusion and toying with both mortals and gods alike. He's a shadowmancer with a flair for the dramatic and the unpredictable.

The origins of "Just a lil' guy" are as elusive as the deity himself. Some say he was born from the remnants of a shattered illusion spell, while others believe he is a cosmic jester, intended to bring balance through unpredictability.

"The Day of Mirrored Skies" - A day where every person in the world saw a different sky above them, filled with strange and bewildering constellations. This caused widespread confusion and hysteria but disappeared as suddenly as it appeared, leaving scholars baffled.

He is just a lil' guy.