Tresson Alltree

Titles: Father of Fawn

Domains: Nature

Symbol: His symbol is a great oak whose roots form a protective circle.

Alignment: LG

Power Rating: Intermediate

Realms: The Verdant Sanctum

Tresson Alltree is a towering presence in the forests of the world, a god whose essence is intertwined with every root, branch, and leaf. His visage, noble and serene, emerges from the ancient trunks of the mightiest trees, often only visible to those pure of heart or in dire need. His form is that of a massive treant, with bark as tough as iron and foliage that shimmers with the essence of life itself.

The legend of Tresson Alltree weaves into the very fabric of creation. As the primal energies of the world swirled in the cosmos, coalescing to form the material plane, the first signs of life emerged as verdant whispers upon the barren ground. In that nascent bloom, the collective essence of nature's nascent spirit awoke a consciousness—a need for a steward to uphold the sanctity of life's tender beginnings.

Tresson was not born as entities of flesh and blood are born. He was willed into existence by the urgent necessity for equilibrium and nurture. With each new species of plant, with every unfolding petal and spreading root system, his presence became more potent, a pervasive force of growth and life. The spirits of the trees, the whispers of the climbing vines, the silent prayers of mosses and ferns—all contributed to the awakening of this deity of deep green and ancient wood.

His sentience is not one of words and discourse but of an intrinsic understanding of the life force that courses through all things that draw sustenance from soil and sun. Tresson Alltree became the embodiment of this life force, the silent pulse that ensures seeds reach towards the heavens and roots delve into the earth's mysteries.

His intervention in the world is seldom direct but always profound. When the first tree reached maturity, its deepest root touched the heart of the world, and Tresson's awareness spread like a network of unseen mycelium, connecting each living thing. This moment, known as the "Rooting of the Alltree," is when Tresson's guardianship became a tangible, albeit subtle, force. To this day, he directs the natural order not through commands but through gentle guidance, like a wind that subtly but inexorably shapes the tree it caresses.

The "Reclamation of the Verdant Expanse" is but one of the many instances of his deep and abiding care, a reminder that no place, no matter how desolate, is beyond the reach of renewal and life. Tresson Alltree's existence is a testament to the resilience and interconnectedness of all living things, a truth woven in the silent language of leaves rustling in the wind and the stoic endurance of the ancient forests that span the world.

The Verdant Sanctum is where Tresson Alltree can be most closely communed with, and where the barriers between the divine essence of nature and the mortal appreciation of it are thinnest. His is a presence felt in the growth of every leaf, the bloom of every flower, and the silent majesty of ancient groves where the trees' roots are intertwined with the very fabric of the world.