Titles: The Black Tar Angel

Domains: Destruction

Symbol: A burning wing dipped in black tar.

Alignment: CE

Power Rating: Quasi-diety

Realms: Avernus

Skurge is a towering figure of dread, an angelic being covered in viscous black tar that seems to consume light itself. His wings are ablaze with a fiery aura, appearing as if the very heavens are burning. Wherever Skurge goes, devastation follows.

In the celestial realms, Skurge was once known as Seraphel, an angel held in high regard for his unparalleled dedication to maintaining order and harmony. However, his fall from grace was precipitated by a disastrous event known as "The Shattering," a rift in the celestial fabric caused by a clash between divine powers. When faced with a dire decision, Seraphel chose a course of action that, while intending to mend the rift, instead expanded it and wreaked havoc in both celestial and mortal planes.

Banished for his unintended but catastrophic failure, he plummeted through dimensions in a disorienting, agonizing descent that stripped him of his original form. It was during this fall that the black tar engulfed him, becoming one with his essence, and the flames that had once illuminated the path of righteousness now blazed with an insatiable hunger for annihilation. Thus, Seraphel was no more, and in his place stood Skurge, The Black Tar Angel.

The fall shattered something fundamental within him. His once-clear vision of order and justice became twisted, replaced by a nihilistic desire to tear down all that he had once built and protected. Gone were the aims of cosmic balance; in their place, an insatiable craving for chaos and destruction festered.

Now, Skurge views civilizations, kingdoms, and empires as mere sandcastles before an oncoming tide. He revels in their desperation, their fleeting struggles to stave off oblivion. Every ruin left in his wake is a testament to his unquenchable thirst for destruction, and perhaps, deep within, a bitter monument to his own broken grandeur.

Despite his cataclysmic agenda, there are layers to Skurge's malice that few can understand. Some say he wishes to become a catalyst for change, believing that from the ashes of old, corrupt systems, something new and untainted will rise. Others think he remains a bitter, fallen figure aiming to drag everything else down with him into the darkness. But whatever the truth, Skurge has become a god-level power of destruction, and his dread influence continues to spread.