Titles: The Arch Hemomancer

Domains: Blood

Symbol: A full blood moon.

Alignment: CE

Power Rating: Lesser

Realms: Unknown

Showben is a striking figure with skin of an abyssal black that seems to swallow light itself. His eyes glow a haunting red, and he lacks a mouth entirely, communicating solely through an ethereal form of telepathy. Despite his unnerving appearance, Showben is revered as the master of blood magic, a form of arcane art that manipulates the life force within blood.

It is said that Showben was born from the first Blood Moon, a celestial event that occurs once every millennia, empowering blood magic rituals globally. His origins are shrouded in mystery, and his substance is made of an unidentifiable, light-absorbing material. His ascension to godhood is tied to the proliferation of blood magic among mortal races.

"The Night of Infinite Veins" was not just a single night but rather a ten-year period during which every occurrence of the Blood Moon dramatically enhanced the potency of blood magic. Across multiple realms, the event led to unprecedented shifts in magical, political, and social landscapes, setting the stage for both miracles and calamities.

During this decade, celestial bodies aligned in a manner that caused the Blood Moons to become extraordinarily frequent and powerful. It was said that Showben's eyes—those glowing red orbs—seemed to burn brighter in the heavens during these moons, casting a deep crimson hue over the lands.

Blood magic spells that required an expert's touch were suddenly accessible even to novice practitioners. Rituals that used to take hours could be completed in minutes. Blood pacts, blood curses, and even arcane constructs made of coagulated blood became everyday sights.

Many cultures began to associate blood more closely with divine power. Temples and shrines to Showben proliferated. An entire generation of blood mages, known as "Veinborn," rose to prominence. They were both feared and revered, their powers considered both a blessing and a curse.

While some used their newfound powers to heal, protect, and create, others gave in to darker instincts. Instances of blood sacrifices, nefarious pacts, and magical duels to the death became more common. The landscape was dotted with both newly erected healing sanctuaries and haunting, blood-soaked battlefields.

Many scholars and priests saw this period as a divine test orchestrated by Showben. The enhanced power could either corrupt individuals beyond salvation or elevate them to new levels of wisdom and responsibility. Communities had to confront the ethical questions posed by the irresponsible use of such potent magic.

The final Blood Moon of the ten-year span was the most intense, known as the "Apex Vein." On this night, Showben's champion, Lysandra the Sanguine, led a world-spanning ritual that sought to either stabilize the volatile magic or banish it entirely. The ritual's results were ambiguous but immediately felt; blood magic retained its power but lost the volatile, uncontrollable edge it had gained.

The Night of Infinite Veins left an indelible mark on history. Blood magic is now approached with more caution and reverence, and Showben's worship has become more institutionalized, complete with codified ethics and rites. However, even today, debates rage on whether the god's test was passed, failed, or perhaps, is still ongoing.