Titles: Plasmoid Sovereign of Chill

Domains: Elemental (Cold)

Symbol: A swirling vortex of icy blue plasma, surrounded by snowflakes.

Alignment: Unknown

Power Rating: Demigod

Realms: Bellana

Nyxol is an enigmatic plasmoid entity, a shape-shifting mass of cold plasma. He is imbued with the powers of extreme cold and is the epitome of frigidity in both the material and spiritual realms. Iridescent blues and silvers ripple across his form, and a touch from him can freeze even the most intense flames.

Nyxol is believed to have originated from the coldest fringes of the cosmos, where plasma and ice coexist in a strange symbiosis. He descended upon the world with a celestial comet and has ever since been a mystical enigma tied to the coldest phenomena.

Those who dwell in arctic regions, winter mages, and some alchemists interested in the fusion of magic and plasma pay homage to Nyxol. He is also revered by certain elemental beings tied to cold and ice.

"The Permafrost Reckoning" - An event where a seemingly endless winter enveloped the land for three years, freezing over entire cities. Only the devout prayers and rites dedicated to Nyxol managed to halt the eternal chill, allowing spring to finally break through.

Seraphis Frostvein - A warrior imbued with icy veins and a heart of cold plasma. Loyal to Nyxol, he roams the world, quelling fires both literal and metaphorical, seeking to extend the domain of his god.