Hag Tooth

Titles: Bloody Foot

Domains: Blood

Symbol: A bloody rabbit's paw print.

Alignment: CE

Power Rating: Demigod

Realms: Crimson Warren

Hag Tooth is a fearsome deity, once a harengon of peaceful disposition transformed by an insatiable rage against corruption within the fey realms. This god is depicted as a harengon warrior cloaked in red, its fur stained by the blood of malevolent fey.

Hag Tooth’s ascension to divinity is a saga steeped in sorrow and anger. Once a guardian harengon known for its gentle nature and a protector of the balance within the feywild, it lived a life of harmony. However, peace was shattered when the harengon stumbled upon a covenant of dark fey performing unspeakable rites that corrupted the very essence of the feywild. The guardian witnessed the defilement of sacred groves, the twisting of innocent creatures into monstrous forms, and the mockery of the natural order.

Betrayed by those it once called kin, the harengon’s spirit fractured, and from the fragments of its once-noble heart, a new deity of vengeance and blood was born: Hag Tooth. This new god's eyes blazed with a righteous fury, and it took the moniker 'The Bloody Foot,' leaving a trail of sanguine footprints as a grim testament to its resolve.

Armed with divine might and a legion of followers who shared in its anger and grief, Hag Tooth declared an unyielding crusade. Its sole divine purpose became to eradicate the wickedness that had seeped into the feywild. Each victory in battle and each act of cleansing corruption reinforced Hag Tooth's power and divine right, cementing its place in the pantheon as a symbol of retribution.

The deity's followers grew as word of its crusade spread. Many who had suffered under the dark fey’s rule flocked to its banner, eager to reclaim their homes and sanctity. Under Hag Tooth’s command, they became relentless hunters in the warrens and woods, feared by all who would despoil the natural order.

As time passed, the legacy of Hag Tooth's origin story became a warning in the feywild—a poignant reminder that even the gentlest of creatures can rise in ferocious might against tyranny and that from great betrayal can be born a relentless force for justice.

The Night of Scarlet Tides is etched in the annals of fey history as a turning point in the struggle between the natural fey and the corrupt ones. This event took place under the shroud of an eclipse, an ominous night when the moon wept crimson tears, and the stars hid from the horrors below. It was the night Hag Tooth and its legion of avengers faced the nefarious Court of Thorns—a cabal of dark fey whose cruelty knew no bounds.

The Court of Thorns, led by a twisted satyr king and his dryad queen, had long terrorized the feywild, warping creatures into grotesque parodies of nature and delighting in the desecration of sacred sites. Their reign of terror culminated in a grand bacchanal, a celebration of their conquests where the rivers were meant to flow with wines and revelry to last until dawn. However, as the dark fey reveled, the rivers did not flow with wine but with a different red—blood, the blood of the dark fey themselves. Hag Tooth, filled with divine vengeance, descended upon the Court of Thorns with its followers. They were like a storm, swift and unforgiving. The guardians of nature, long suppressed by the dark fey's cruelty, joined in the fray, bolstering the ranks of the avengers.

Battle cries echoed through the woods, steel clanged against twisted vine and thorn, and powerful magics tore the skies asunder. Hag Tooth was relentless, a beacon of righteous fury, inspiring its followers to fight with a fervor that matched their god's own. The battle raged until the once-enchanted rivers ran red, reflecting the blood-soaked moon above, giving rise to the name 'The Night of Scarlet Tides.' The Court of Thorns was decimated, their corrupt influence purged in a single night of revolution. The victory was total, though not without cost. Many lives were lost, but the feywild would remember the night when balance was fought for with tooth and claw, and rivers turned scarlet with the price of freedom.

In the aftermath, the tale of The Night of Scarlet Tides became a legend, a grim reminder of the consequences of unchecked malevolence, and a testament to the fact that even in darkness, hope can bloom like the blood-red petals of a rose, given strength by the unyielding spirit of those who fight for the sanctity of their home.