Titles: The Clipped

Domains: Grave

Symbol: A white Kenku skull surrounded by three black feathers

Alignment: LN

Power Rating: Unknown

Realms: Unknown

A silent usher of souls to the afterlife, Fyer is a mysterious figure clad in black leather armor, adorned with feathers. He wears a white Kenku skull on his head and is often depicted with ravens circling him. Despite his eerie appearance, he is a guardian of the deceased, ensuring their safe passage to the other side.

Fyer has long been a guardian of those who have crossed to the other side. Though not a Kenku, he has sought entry into the Kenku Pantheon for ages, only to be repeatedly rejected because he does not belong to their race. This has imbued him with a sense of sorrow but also a fierce independence.

"The Night of Whispering Shadows" — a night when the veil between the worlds was exceptionally thin, allowing Fyer to usher countless trapped souls to the afterlife, earning him temporary respect among the Kenku gods.

Elira, The Silent Cry, a mute sorceress who communicates through telepathy and specializes in necromantic magic. She was chosen by Fyer to act as his emissary in the mortal realm.