Titles: The Verdant Guardian

Domains: Nature

Symbol: A golden sunflower intertwined with green vines.

Alignment: LG

Power Rating: Lesser

Realms: Bellana

Florence is often depicted as an ethereal blonde woman, adorned in robes of shimmering gold and vibrant green, seamlessly blending the colors of sunlight and foliage. Her eyes are the rich hue of fresh leaves, and her presence is always accompanied by the smell of blooming flowers and damp earth.

Born at the dawn of creation, when the very first blossom opened its petals to greet the sun, Florence is intrinsically tied to the cycles and rhythms of the natural world. It's believed that the first sunbeam that touched that primordial flower carried the divine spark that would later become Florence, the Verdant Guardian. Over countless millennia, she has nurtured the forests, guided the growth of verdant landscapes, and imbued life into the flora of the world. Her spirit is said to be the pulse that sustains every root in the soil, the force that drives each bud to bloom, and the essence that flavors the nectar of every flower.

Despite her ancient age and foundational role in the ecosystem, Florence remains an intermediate deity in terms of power level. This is partly because her domain is highly specialized, focusing solely on flora and the immediate surroundings they impact. While gods of the sky, sea, or time may have wider-reaching dominions, Florence's strength is concentrated within the forests, meadows, and gardens that house her floral children. She does not seek to expand her realm of influence through conquest or manipulation but is content with guarding and nourishing the sanctity of the natural world.

Her intermediate status also serves as a form of balance. By not amassing excessive power, she maintains a harmonious relationship with other deities of nature and the elements, thus ensuring that the natural world remains a complex, interwoven tapestry of divine wills and influences. It's this intricate balance that allows Florence to continue her eternal work, perpetuating the cycles of growth, bloom, decay, and rebirth that are the heartbeat of the world's forests.