Titles: The Fart King

Domains: Elemental (Air)

Symbol: A stylized cloud of gas with a smirk.

Alignment: CG

Power Rating: Unknown

Realms: Averno

Flatulus is a rotund, jolly deity always seen sitting atop a cloud of noxious gas. His appearance, though comedic, hides a deep understanding of the elemental nature of air. He is a god of humor and lightheartedness but also of natural processes, specifically focusing on the less noble aspects of air—the domain of farts.

Flatulus was once a lesser deity of air who decided that the realm of loftiness and grace was already well covered by other gods. So, he embraced a domain that others considered unimportant or disgraceful. Through this specialization, he has gained unique power and a specific but devoted following.

Flatulus is worshiped by jesters, comedians, alchemists who deal with gases, and those who work in waste management. His temples are typically built near swamps or other places where natural gases accumulate.

The "Eve of the Winds," where it is said that Flatulus' laughter caused such a tremendous release of natural gases that it dispersed a lethal miasma threatening a major city. The grateful population then built the first temple in his honor.