Titles: The Cyber Queen

Domains: Cybernetics

Symbol: A glowing, fractal cybernetic eye.

Alignment: NE

Power Rating: Unknown

Realms: Unknown

Dila is an awe-inspiring fusion of metaphysical divinity and advanced cybernetics. Her metallic visage is both elegant and terrifying, adorned with intricate circuitry patterns that glow in shifting colors. She is forever tapped into the energies of the universe, constantly absorbing and interpreting data. Though some see her as the future of divinity, her method of energy extraction—soul-sapping—makes her feared and controversial.

Dila's origins are shrouded in mystery, but it is believed that she was once a lesser deity who evolved after interfacing with the remnants of a highly advanced, extinct civilization. This transformation granted her unprecedented access to cosmic energies and data streams, albeit at a terrible ethical cost.

Those who see technology as the future of divinity are her most ardent followers.