Titles: The Horned Maiden

Domains: Retribution

Symbol: A pair of curved horns enveloping a broken scale, symbolizing justice subsumed by vengeance.

Alignment: LE

Power Rating: Lesser

Realms: Unknown

Devora is a haunting figure, her form cloaked in shadows that dance like flames. Her eyes are a swirling vortex of dark orange, and her horns curve menacingly from her forehead. 

Devora was once a mortal Tiefling, wronged and ostracized by those around her due to her infernal heritage. She swore to exact revenge, not just for herself, but for all those who have been unjustly punished or maligned. Her path led her to a dark ritual that imbued her with divine powers, turning her into a deity of vengeance and retribution.

"The Night of Red Tears" is a pivotal moment in the lore surrounding Devora, The Horned Maiden. On this ominous night, celestial alignments created an eerie blood-red hue that blanketed the sky, and raindrops that fell to the earth resembled drops of blood. Many considered it an ill omen, while others saw it as a sign of divine intervention. By the morning, news spread like wildfire: several notorious tyrants, despots, and oppressive figures had met untimely and often gruesome ends.

Scholars who study divine phenomena point to this event as the exact moment Devora transitioned from mortal to deity, ascending to a plane of existence far beyond our comprehension. It is said that her mortal anguish, fury, and unquenchable thirst for retribution coalesced into a form of raw, divine energy, marking her transformation and imbuing her with her newfound powers. Temples dedicated to her often have murals or tapestries depicting this fateful night, showing Devora rising amidst a sky of red, her eyes glowing with newfound power.

In the weeks following "The Night of Red Tears," reports of miraculous acts of vengeance began to circulate. Slaves who had been in shackles for decades suddenly found their chains shattered; women and children who had been mistreated saw their tormentors inexplicably incapacitated or exiled; and corrupt leaders who seemed untouchable were found guilty in surprising turns of justice.

Devora's followers believe that it was her invisible hand that guided these acts, cementing her status and drawing more believers to her cause. The night is commemorated every year, known as the "Festival of Red Tears," where her followers gather in secret to share stories of retribution, light crimson candles, and pray for Devora's guidance in their quests for personal vengeance.